9 normal people share their weirdest celebrity encounters

9 normal people share their weirdest celebrity encounters

What would you do if you met one of the biggest stars in the world? Honestly, I would be terrified that if I met someone I respected I would freak out a little, embarrassing myself in my starstruck daze. There's no way I would be able to act normal and dignified in that encounter.

Not everyone has the chance to have normal, straightforward meetings with celebrities, as this Reddit thread showed. When asked "what bizarre celebrity encounters have you had?", it turned out that users had plenty of stories that got a little weird...

1. Morgan Freeman

"I was eating with friends in a restaurant in Beverly Hills years ago when I still lived in LA. The tables were really close together and there wasn't a lot of room between the seats. So I had been there for about 5 minutes when they seated someone at the table directly behind me. The chairs were close enough that the backs could touch.

"The thing was, the person kept trying to push his chair against mine to get more room. I already was pushed in as far as I could go. But he kept trying. Increasingly, I was getting pissed. Rather than turn around and confront this jackass, I pushed my chair against his. However, I was able to move his chair back, since I am a pretty big guy and was running marathons at the time. I had the leg strength to push him right into his table. So after I did that, he gets up and walks out.

"So I told the people at my table what an asshole that guy was, that he was trying to push my seat into the table. "Who, Morgan Freeman?" I looked over and saw a very pissed off looking Morgan Freeman leaving the restaurant." - delschorch0

2. Will Smith

"I played paintball with Will Smith. I'm a few (15) years older now."

3. Natalie Portman

"I sat next to Natalie Portman at a college graduation. She was the most beautiful human I've ever seen. The ceremony was really long and outside. She brought a snack with her, some grapes in a cup. She ate them with a spoon. Not even Natalie Portman can make awkwardly chasing grapes around a cup trying to get them to stay on her tiny plastic spoon and not fall off on the way to her mouth look cool.

"tl:dr; Natalie Portman uses a spoon to eat grapes."

4. Eminem

"I was visiting family in Michigan when I met Eminem. I was given a list of food to buy at the grocery store the night before Thanksgiving, so I'm standing there eyeing eggs when I see a guy in a hoodie walk up to the milk. I glance at him, then go on about my egg-buying business. He starts messing around with the milk jugs, so I look at him again and recognize him.

"I kind of fidgeted for a minute before I asked, "are you who I think you are?" His epic reply? "If I wasn't, then why would I say I am?" We exchanged Happy Thanksgiving wishes and parted ways."

5. Jay Leno

"I accidentally walked into Jay Leno's private dressing room a few months ago. Since his retirement from his show he tours around doing standup comedy. I was the sound engineer for the musical group that opened up for him, and they had a separate dressing room right next to his. I wasn't familiar with the venue, so I didn't know that. I needed to use the bathroom, so I walked right into his VIP room as he was chilling out and he was just like... "can I help you?" I had no clue what to say so I just said "Bathroom?" He pointed to the dressing room around the corner and I left, never to encounter him again. I nearly fainted once I got into my dressing room."

5. Christian Bale

"I was with my wife and two sisters at Disneyland when we see Christian Bale and his family by the entrance to the Matterhorn. We're a few feet away from him when my sister decides to have a little fun and says in a low voice but still audible to those in close proximity," I'm not wearing hockey pads!" In her best batman voice she could muster. Christian Bale and family proceed to turn around and stare at us. He was not amused."

6. Paul Rudd, Peter Dinklage and Joe Lo Truglio

"Paul Rudd, Peter Dinklage and Joe Lo Truglio ended up in Donegal in Ireland a few years ago for a stag party and spent a few days hanging about the local pubs. Got chatting to all of them, Paul Rudd was pretty baked while I was chatting to him."

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

"My freshman roommate from college ran face first into a lady's boobs while walking through the busy streets of New York. Neither of them were paying attention but the lady apologized, handed my roommate a $50 and walked away. Years later, my roommate and I were watching TV and she recognized that woman as Sarah Jessica Parker."

8. Nick Swardson

"I was one of the audience members on those red carpet movie events for MTV and as I was trying to get a picture of Emma Watson, I felt this sharp but arousing pain in my right nipple. Nick Swardson gave me a nipple twister as he walked past me. I was cool with it, my friend insisted he assulted [sic] me. I am a bigger guy, i'm used to having my moobs center stage. When I looked over to him, he smiled and walked away. I tweeted him a year later and he favorited my tweet. I have pictures from the event along with the tweet in case anyone doesn't believe."

9. Michael Rapaport

"me and my 2 buddies were walking down sunset in hollywood and we saw Micheal Rapaport standing outside a bar having a smoke. We kinda were staring at wondering if it was really him...then outta no where he yells at us... 'Yeah..its me...whatta u want????'"

I've got to say, I'm not 100% convinced that Sarah Jessica Parker paid someone $50 after they ran into her boobs, but what do I know about the life of a celebrity? Maybe that's the easiest way to get rid of the common folk. I know it would work on me.