9 Secrets Kim Kardashian revealed about her life before she became a megastar

9 Secrets Kim Kardashian revealed about her life before she became a megastar

Let's be honest, we know almost all things there are to know about Kim Kardashian. We know that she gets butt injections to help her psoriasis. We know that her favourite sex position is "from the back". We know that her doctor warned her she was having too much sex when her and Kanye slept together 15 times a day in a bid for her to get pregnant again. All in all, we know way too much about her.

However, since becoming the biggest star in the world, the reality TV star has dialled it down a little and is now a little more picky about what secrets she lets out. This is in deep contrast to back in the day when she was Paris Hilton's lowly assistant who had to do what she was told. That's right, before Kim got properly famous, she had even more of a habit of letting things slip. Yet, luckily for us, all of the things she revealed about her life before she became a megastar have been documented and are here for your enjoyment.

Before she became famous, her main goal in life was to get married

Back before Keeping Up With The Kardashians had aired for the first time, Kim claimed that she was a simple girl at heart, saying: "I just want to be married with children. Success to me is when I get married, when I start having kids. That'll be my life." Didn't quite turn out that way ...

In the early days of KUWTK, she didn't see it lasting

Going into the 15th season of KUWTK, the show practically feels like a staple. But Kim didn't see that happening. Back in the day, she claimed the reality TV show was "fun for right now", saying: "Fashion is my life. We're launching our website, we want to open another clothing store, and I want my own clothing line. The show is so much fun, but it's fun for right now."

Her first ever publicist told her she'd never make it onto the cover of a fashion magazine

When the star told her publicist she wanted to be on the front cover of a fashion magazine, she recommended she come up with more realistic goals because "that would never happen". Fast forward a few years and Kim sent a signed copy of one of her many Vogue covers to her ex-publicist.

She didn't attend the MTV VMAs in 2007 because she wanted to watch Kanye West's performance from his backstage area

Back then, the rapper was with fiancée Alexis Phier and Kim was with Reggie Bush. Five years later, Kimye happened.

She had a self-enforced year of being single in the 12 months before becoming famous

Speaking to Complex, Kim confessed to this rule, saying: "Me and Paris Hilton and the girls are trying to stay single for one year. In March, that'll be up. I'm a relationship type of girl but I think that everyone needs a year in their life to be single."

She rated herself a "20/10" in bed

"I’m really passionate and sensitive," she claimed back in the day. "I don’t really have sex with people I don’t have a connection with, and if you have a connection with someone, it’s so much better."

In 2009, she admitted that Paris Hilton stopped talking to her because she was annoyed Kim had "copied her success."

Kim admitted that it was at this point that the friendship broke down, claiming: "I'm sure [that's why.] We've never had a conversation about it, we just one day did not speak again." A few years before, Paris had begun to diss Kim in the press, in 2008 saying that her former friend's ass reminded her of "cottage cheese inside a big trash bag."

She used to hang around clubs in the hope of catching a glimpse of Justin Timberlake

In her first ever magazine interview, Kim said: "The other night, Paris and I went to Area and next to us was Britney's table. I was walking around and I saw Justin and I was like: 'Ah, we have to wait and see what happens!' I wanted to go home but I'm not going to lie, I stayed a little bit longer."

Once a time, she felt uncomfortable looking at the sexy photoshoots she'd done

Back in the day, she said: "I'm a lot more shy than you might think. I don't feel comfortable with the whole 'sexy Kim'. I don't mind signing the cover of [her Playboy issue] but when people ask me to sign the inside I don't feel comfortable." Skip to a few years later and the star regularly uploads naked selfies to her social media accounts and admitted she was shocked to win the CFDA Award since she's "naked most of the time".

Isn't it weird to think that there was once a day when the Kardashians weren't the most famous family in the world? Will they still be around a decade from now? Almost definitely, if Kim has anything to do with it...