'Airbrushed' photo of Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend has been given the meme treatment

'Airbrushed' photo of Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend has been given the meme treatment

The Trump administration sure has brought a lot of great things to America, hasn't it? Well, apart from the huge immigration crisis. And the ongoing investigation into alleged links between Russian officials and members of the Trump campaign. And I guess the complete alienation of minorities hasn't been too great, either - but, hey, think of the memes we've been getting out of it.

In all seriousness, the Trump presidency has been difficult for many to say the least for the past year and a half, and, quite often, the only way we can sort of deal with it is to let off some steam by making fun of him and his associates on social media. It's not particularly mature, of course, and - no - it doesn't do anything to solve the problems facing the USA at present. But, when Donald Trump Jr. posts a picture like this on Instagram, it's really difficult not to say something.

As you may or may not know, Donald Jr. - a man who always looks like he's only just learned how to stand by himself - got divorced from his wife of 13 years in March, and has very quickly got himself back into the dating game. At present, he's seeing Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News personality who left the network earlier this year after allegedly facing an investigation into several claims of sexual misconduct.

Guilfoyle shared the above image to her personal Instagram page this week, and people immediately decided that the image was airbrushed. Just take a look at this unedited snap of her and Don Jr. for comparison:

Notice the glaringly white teeth? The complete lack of wrinkles? The strange washed-out colour scheme? Yeah, it would seem that Guilfoyle tweaked a few things before sharing the post with her followers. And so, of course, the jokes quickly came rolling in.

But this wasn't the first seemingly touched-up photo that the pair have posted. A quick skim through Guilfoyle's Insta feed shows that she's quite the fan of 'shopping her snaps.

And the comments on the most recent post weren't exactly supportive, either.

46 people so far have liked this post of two persons who in real life look nothing close to the lavishly airbrushed photo they’re gushing over", wrote one commenter.

"Photoshop can be subtle," said another. "This is as subtle as your dad’s tan."

Personally, though, my favourite commenter was the person who landed this zinger: "Kudos to the wax museum! So lifelike!"

The internet, eh, it doesn't let you get away with anything!