Amy Schumer had the perfect response to a fan who photoshopped her bikini picture

Amy Schumer had the perfect response to a fan who photoshopped her bikini picture

We are under almost constant societal pressure to look good in the times that we are living in.

Confronted with images of near-perfection on Instagram everytime we choose to scroll through the app, there is no respite if we choose to look up either; glossy billboards of impossibly beautiful models await us, as do the touched up covers of famous beauty magazines.

The same is clearly true for the celebrities of today. At least we do not have to suffer the incessant pressure of the media and online trolls every time we step outside our own front door: for the famous this is certainly the case.

We've seen lamentable episodes of body-shaming become commonplace on social media; though the rise of the body-positivity movement is doing its best to combat this.

Of course, it's tempting to dismiss the pressures that celebrities face to look constantly flawless as part and parcel of the career they have chosen, but nobody deserves to be body-shamed, criticised and judged for the way they look, famous or otherwise.

Amy Schumer is the latest in a long line of female celebrities who have been body-shamed - inadvertently or otherwise - online, after a fan posted a now-deleted side-by-side image of the comedian with the caption, "“So I think Amy looks great already but man does she look way better I’m [sic] my OPINION in the second photo".

Rather than take her fan to task over the images, Schumer came up with the perfect reasoned response, writing;

“I disagree. I like how I really look. That’s my body. I love my body for being strong and healthy and sexy.

“I look like I’d give a good hug or have a drink with you. The other picture looks nice but it’s not me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. See, we’re both right.”

For their own part, the fan responded to Schumer with an apology;

“I’m sorry Amy! It was unfair to do that to you.

“I didn’t think much about it when I first posted the pic. I’ve seen a lot of people photoshopping celebrities so I didn’t think mine would even be a blimp. I spent like 30 min making the photo and I should have never posted it! I’m glad people called out this post! That was a dick move on my end. Well all I can do is apologize, I’m sorry.”

In addition, the fan purportedly left this image on their account, suggesting that they had learned a lesson from the episode.

Hats off to Schumer for the brilliant way she dealt with a potentially upsetting situation, and fair play to the fan in question, too, who seems to have realised the error of their ways. See everyone - it's still possible to have a calm debate!