Ariana Grande absolutely blasts internet troll over the state of their fingers

Ariana Grande absolutely blasts internet troll over the state of their fingers

Ariana Grande's album is set to drop soon and fans of the singer are getting very, very excited. The 25-year-old singer's fourth studio album, "Sweetener," is released this Friday and the build-up to the release has been nothing short of dramatic. It's difficult to know exactly where to start, so let's take it back a few months.

Literally a matter of months ago, Ariana appeared to be in a happy relationship with rapper Mac Miller. However, despite their joint singles and social media uploads, it turns out there was trouble in paradise and the couple split unexpectedly. Then, a few weeks later, Ariana was linked to the SNL presenter Pete Davidson. Mac Miller, for his part, then reportedly crashed his car while under the influence- and social media erupted.

A few weeks passed, with people accusing the singer of causing Mac's substance use, and this is when Ariana turned into a social media savage. Since her first spat with a Mac fan, Ariana has been on a mission to shut down absolutely everybody who questions her relationship with Davidson.

She responded angrily to a fan who claimed that she had cheated on Mac and now, after confirming her engagement with Davidson and a matter of days before her album releases, Ariana has trolled someone over the state of their fingers.

Of course, as with all new releases, there are leaked copies of Ariana's album doing the rounds on the internet and it appears that some people have even managed to get their hands on physical issues.

Understandably, given the perfectly executed marketing campaign that has led to the album release, Ariana was pretty annoyed that someone had got a physical copy of the album before it released. However, rather than just throwing a basic, generic insult in the direction of the girl in question, Ariana decided to be much more ruthless and called out her fingernails.

Shock. Horror.

"i mean if somebody’s gonna leak what my hard copies looks like please handle this first ..... please. this music is..... too good for this," she wrote.

But she wasn't done there. Ariana continued on her tirade against the fan: "like a. illegal b. i worked too damn hard for this nail to be featured on my hard copy debut c. i can't," she wrote.

As mentioned, Sweetener is set for release this Friday and it's believed that the album will touch on a wide range of issues - from Ariana's relationship with Mac Miller to her newfound romance with Pete Davidson. In fact, such is her infatuation with the comedian, there is even a song named after him on the record (let's hope they don't break up, LOL!)

If there's one lesson to take from this, it's that you shouldn't mess with Ariana Grande when she's in album mode. Also, clean your nails before you start posting photos online.