Ariana Grande apologizes to Kanye West after he accuses her of 'making a joke about his mental health'

Ariana Grande apologizes to Kanye West after he accuses her of 'making a joke about his mental health'

We all sometimes make comments that we later come to regret and Ariana Grande is certainly no exception to the rule.

On Saturday, the God is a Woman songstress took to social media to offer a heartfelt apology to Kanye West, who had accused her of "making a joke" about his mental health.

It all started when Grande turned to Twitter to call out Kanye and Drake for their feud, telling them to back down to "let the girls shine".

Ariana Grande tweet Credit: Twitter/Ariana Grande

"guys, i know there are grown men arguing online rn but miley and i dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight so if y'all could please jus behave for just like a few hours so the girls can shine that'd be so sick thank u (sic)," she wrote.

However, the rapper didn't react well to her attempt at humour, responding: "I know Ariana said this to be cool and didn’t mean no harm but I don’t like even slightest level of slight commentary from someone I know loves and respects me... All of this foolishness weighed on my mental health so @ArianaGrande you know I got love for you but until you’re ready to really make sure everyone’s ok don’t use me or this moment to promote a song (sic)".

"People will no longer take mental health for a joke (sic)," he added in a third tweet.

Kanye West tweet Credit: Kanye West/Twitter

Kanye West tweet Credit: Kanye West/Twitter

Now, the 25-year-old has expressed regret for her comments, claiming she never meant to "trigger" Kanye.

In a series of tweets posted on Saturday, she wrote: "With all due respect, I don't need to use anyone to promote anything. Period. I was making a comment about what men were doing at the time vs. women. It was a joke which i understand now was probably insensitive. I apologise if I was in any way triggering and hope u feel well today (sic)."

In addition, when a fan online told her she had not needed to apologise, she responded insisting that she "cared".

"For potentially triggering him? nah regardless of how I feel about a situation, I can also care about their mental health," the thank u, next star put.

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It's been an intense week for Kanye, with him making many bold claims in his Twitter rant, including that Drake had called to threaten him and his family, that he was behind the disturbance at Pusha's T concert in Toronto and that he had targeted people with mental health issues.

Drake has yet to respond to the 41-year-old's allegations. However, the drama has apparently affected Kim Kardashian, who is said to want her husband "off Twitter".

"Kim spent Friday in L.A. while Kanye was still in N.Y.C," an anonymous source apparently told PEOPLE. "Kim doesn’t plan on making another comment about the drama and she asked Kanye to do the same. Clearly, he is not doing well again. Kim just wants him off Twitter."