Ariana Grande finally speaks out on the Pete Davidson Kate Beckinsale rumours

Ariana Grande finally speaks out on the Pete Davidson Kate Beckinsale rumours

For a brief few months back in 2018, the news was nothing but Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. First it was Ari and Pete are dating! Then it was OMG, Ari and Pete are engaged!? Before, finally - and, perhaps, inevitably - it all came crashing down with Ari and Pete broke up and are now just left with a bunch of embarrassing tattoos dedicated to one another.

Truly, a romance for our times.

But anyway, fast forward a few months and both Davidson and Grande seem to have moved on. Ari is currently storming the charts with 7 Rings, and the SNL comedian is making progress in other - more scandalous - ways. Just recently, he was spotted holding hands with Kate Beckinsale, a British actor 20 years his senior.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 20: Pete Davison and Ariana Grande attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 20, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV) Credit: Getty

Now, while holding hands isn't exactly confirmation of a relationship these days, neither Davidson nor Beckinsale have outright denied that they've been seeing one another. In fact, they've both been rather coy about the matter.

Meanwhile, a witness who saw the comedian and the actress together on the evening they were papped said that "They were being very flirty together, they were sitting very close on the outside patio seating. Kate had her hand on his knee, and she kept laughing at all his jokes."

People on social media had somewhat mixed reactions to the news, with Ari fans insisting that Pete could never do better than Grande, and more neutral onlookers realising that, actually, Davidson is somehow proving to be quite a catch.

"SOB managed to both rebound and upgrade from Ariana Grande," said one person. "I'm not going to lie. That's damn impressive."

"Pete Davidson is doing SOMETHING right," added another. "Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale? C‘mon... two of the most attractive ladies on earth... I am not an envious person BUT..."

But what does Ariana think about all of this? Getting replaced so quickly can't be easy at the best of times, but having your position as girlfriend so quickly filled by a literal model can't exactly be pleasant news to hear.

Amazingly, though, the thank u, next singer took it pretty well.

An image of Ariana Grande. Credit: Getty

When asked by paparazzi how she felt about her ex hooking up with Beckinsale, Ari reportedly said she thought it was "So cute!"

It was good of Grande to be so mature about the issue - but perhaps she's just playing it down for now because she's still caught up in the whole 'BBQ finger' tattoo debacle (which will never cease to be hilarious, by the way).

Nevertheless, I guess if Ari is chill with Pete moving on and dating super hot women, then we shouldn't be too mad about it either.

Congrats to Davidson and Beckinsale!