Ariana Grande joked about the size of Pete Davidson's 'package' and everyone is in tears

Ariana Grande joked about the size of Pete Davidson's 'package' and everyone is in tears

The world has crowned Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson as the latest It Couple to fawn over. It's been a whirlwind romance, with the two publically declaring their love just over a month ago and then – like, a minute later – Pete revealing he'd gotten not one but two adorable tattoo tributes to the singer. Then, in a shock move, the couple was rumoured to have gotten engaged barely a month after making their relationship official.

And yes, it's true. Pete officially confirmed his engagement to Ariana just a few days ago on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

"I feel like I won a contest. It’s so sick. It’s f–king lit, Jimmy. It’s so lit. It’s so funny when you’re walking down the street, dudes are walking by and... [tips hat]. Some guy came up to me and said, ‘yo man, you like gave me hope.’ I didn’t know I was that ugly," he joked.

The SNL host reportedly gave Ariana a $93,000 engagement ring, and they just moved in together in an incredible $16 million apartment in New York, which has a cracking view of the Empire State Building.

All it takes is a look at either of the 24-year-old's respective Instagram accounts to see that they're totally, undeniably, head-over-heels in love. They've been flirting like mad on Instagram and Twitter, and people can't seem to get enough. And just now, Ariana has let something slip about Pete's... err... size, and it's left everyone crying with laughter.

The No Tears Left to Cry singer recently revealed that she's got a new album coming out titled Sweetener, in which she's got a song dedicated to her new fiancee. Appropriately, it's simply called Pete. One of her fans wanted to find out more about the song, and took to Twitter to ask Ariana "how long is pete ??"

Cue the giggling. Yes, I know what you're thinking, but the fan was quick to clarify what she meant. "OH AS IN THE INTERLUDE NOT AS IN......ANYWAY," she wrote in a flurry.

Hilariously, Ariana caught on and jokingly replied about the length of Pete's... y'know.

Ariana was quick to delete her playful remark, and commented "funny a** btch" instead.

Safe to say that everyone thought it was pretty hilarious. However, it seems not everyone is into their PDA. Seth Rogen made it clear that he's tired of seeing Ariana and Pete flirting with each other on the internet, and decided to tell them to put a stop to it on Pete's most recent Instagram upload.

The SNL host shared a saucy picture of Ariana in a white bikini, writing "what the actual f*ck" in the caption, accompanied by the heart-eyes emoji. In the comments, Ariana gushed "I love you so much," to which Pete replied with "love u more tho".

Yes, the pic is gorgeous, and yes, this appears to be the kind of great love we all dream of. But Seth thought enough was enough, and he was getting real tired of all this lovey-dovey stuff coming from the couple. He wrote a simple: "Guys seriously."

The full-stop? The absence of emojis? This is a serious "okay, we get it, you can stop now" remark coming from the actor. It was hilarious, and probably also resonated with a lot of other people thinking the same thing right about now.

Nevertheless, we are so here for this budding romance, penis jokes and all.