Ariel Winter ditches black hair for 'burnt orange' locks

Ariel Winter ditches black hair for 'burnt orange' locks

For many TV viewers around the world, it's an end of an era. Yep, Modern Family has officially wrapped filming on its 11th and final season.

Hot on the heels of the series finale, one of the show's youngest stars, Ariel Winter, has debuted a fresh new hair color.

Posting a snap of her new burnt orange locks, the actress, known for her long back hair, wrote in the caption: "I’m a strawberry and a shortcake sooooo new nickname?"

Los Angeles-based hair colorist Tabitha Dueñas is responsible for the 22-year-old's new hair color and says it took about seven hours until the transformation was complete

"With Modern Family's long run ending, Ariel is finally free to have the hair color she wants," Dueñas said in a statement, per ABC News. "She wanted to strip out the black and go back to her strawberry golden blonde look we had done previously when she was on break from filming. She said she never wants to go back to black again."

Ariel Winter opens up about her troubled family life:

"Through the seven-hour process, we used color remover to strip the black, followed by multiple rounds of lightening cream," Dueñas added.

And this isn't the first time we've seen Ariel sport these strawberry blonde locks. Earlier this month, in fact, she posted a throwback photo of her with a similar color writing, "can't wait to get back to this hair color."

In an appearance on The Ellen Show last October, Ariel talked about how she and the cast felt about bringing an end to the show they had been involved with for over a decade.

"Honestly, it's so amazing to have a job like this with people that you love for 11 years. The amount of grateful that we all are is ridiculous," she said.

"It's sad, obviously," Ariel added. "It's not something that we want. We love each other. We love our show. Obviously, we would love to make many more seasons, but it's been 11 years and I think everyone is ready to do new things."