Ashley Graham shares growing baby bump in nude Thanksgiving post

Ashley Graham shares growing baby bump in nude Thanksgiving post

If there's one person out there who serves as an inspiration to all, it's Ashley Graham. Ashley is arguably the most famous plus-size model in the world, and is a champion of body-positivity. She boasts millions of followers on social media, and she isn't shy about sharing candid snaps and videos about her life with the world.

Ashley recently shared this nude pregnancy video with her Instagram followers too: 

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a time when Americans come together to eat a ton of food and take a few moments out of their busy schedules to show gratitude for the good things in their lives.

So Ashley managed to show us all how to enjoy this special holiday properly, and this week she took to Instagram to share a Thanksgiving nude selfie, updating us all on the status of her pregnancy.

An image of Ashley Graham. Credit: Instagram/@ashleygraham

Ashley Graham first announced that her and her husband Justin Ervin were expecting a baby together back in August, with the couple announcing their happy baby news on their ninth wedding anniversary.

Ashley first met Ervin, who works as a videographer, at church in 2009. The two of them immediately hit it off, and were married just a year later - they've been together ever since.

Take a look at Ashley Graham's pregnancy announcement below:

Commenting on the experience of early motherhood and gestation in a recent interview with People, Ashley stated: "One of the greatest parts of this pregnancy journey has been making friends with and bonding with other moms."

She added: "There were six pregnant moms at [my baby shower], who’ve all been a part of my support system. We talk about all of the different aspects of pregnancy and motherhood, especially around taking care of ourselves as well."

An image of Ashley Graham's Thanksgiving. Credit: Instagram/@ashleygraham

But this isn't the first time that Ashley has been so candid about her own pregnancy. Check out one of her recent pregnant workout videos if you need proof!