'Bachelorette' creator teases casting Khloé Kardashian as the new lead

'Bachelorette' creator teases casting Khloé Kardashian as the new lead

On The Bachelorette,  twenty-five men compete to see who can be on television the longest - I mean, win the heart of a single woman. To see if they have a connection, they go on romantic dates, surrounded by a camera crew and segment producers probably feeding them lines. At the end of each episode, the bachelorette eliminates a contestant, probably because he was there for the wrong reasons and didn't come to make friends. He should have stolen her for more seconds.

By the end of the season, the bachelorette realizes it would be this hard, and definitely falls in love with someone from the best group of guys ever. The finale culminates with a proposal, and the couple lives happily ever after, or at least until they break up. Out of the reality show's fourteen seasons, six couples are still together, which is about 43 percent. Woo! And cynics say love is dead.

Typically they select the bachelorette from one of the runner-ups on The Bachelor, but some viewers have an alternate idea: How about Khloé Kardashian? This week the reality star split from Tristan Thompson after he allegedly cheated on her with Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods. Insiders told TMZ the two were spotted making out a house party on Sunday, February 17.

On Instagram Stories, Khloé finally broke her silence on the cheating scandal. "The worst pain is gettin hurt by a person you explained your pain to," she wrote. "Somebody needs to hear this... that betrayal was your blessing!!! If they ask you about me, tell them: 'She was the only person that loved me with honesty, and I broke her.'" She followed that up with an image of a woman crying, leaving no doubt about her heartbroken state.

In the wake of this drama, some  Kardashian fans suggested that Khloé become the next Bachelorette. On Twitter, show creator Mark Fleiss teased the possibility, stating, "@khloekardashian is very much in contention... Stay tuned!." In a follow-up tweet, he added, "Any decision regarding @khloekardashian as the new #TheBachelorette will need to be approved by my dear friend @KrisJenner." So, the balls in your court, Kris!

Fleiss may have been joking with his tweets, but the mom-ager is a longtime fan of the reality franchise. During an appearance on a Bachelor after-show, Kris confessed, "I am a superfan. I have watched this from day one, season one like I'm a serious 'Bachelor' slash 'Bachelorette' watcher." If Khloé became the next Bachelorette, that would probably garner huge ratings. (Especially if Tristan tries to win her back as one of the male contestants!)

Well, time will tell if Khloé hands out roses on the Bachelorette, and definitely sees her future husband in the room. I hope that if she is selected, everyone is there for the right reasons and the process teaches them a lot about love.