Bella Hadid crashed a high school prom but she wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion

Bella Hadid crashed a high school prom but she wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion

Everybody remembers their high school prom, whether they went with their romantic partner, a group of friends, or a cardboard cut-out of Danny DeVito. Teenagers put on glamorous dresses and stylish tuxedos and party until the break of dawn. (Or midnight, depending on how strict your parents are.) But you know what makes prom night even more special? When a celebrity crashes the party.

This year Bella Hadid crashed New York's Oceanside High School prom, wearing a black Juicy Couture tracksuit. (Luckily, no one else was wearing the same outfit.) Apparently, the model was shooting something on a nearby beach, and was invited onto the student party bus. According to her Instagram Story, Bella stopped by the prom on her way to catch a flight to Germany. (But unfortunately, she didn't share any photos or videos.)

But Bella Hadid isn't the first celebrity to crash a prom. These other stars jumped at the opportunity to relive their youth.

Kylie Jenner

Rio Americano High School student Albert Ochoa asked a girl to prom, and she said no. But maybe that was for the best. When Kylie Jenner heard about his rejection, she decided to be his date. Part of the prom was broadcast on an episode of Life of Kylie.


On the MTV series Once Upon A Prom, celebrities were paired up with high school students. RiRi went to prom with Richard, a shy teenager from Jefferson High School in Tampa, Florida. As you can tell from their photo, he was super excited.

 Dwayne Wade

Nicole Muxo made a video asking Dwayne Wade to the Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School's senior prom, because he was "her favorite basketball player." Wade said yes but couldn't resist pulling a prank. At the last minute, he called and said he wouldn't be able to make it. Then he surprised her.

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

After the premiere of their Disney channel movie, Princess Protection Program, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato crashed a prom. The dance took took place at the Etobicoke Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Selena tweeted, "PPP peeps and I crashed a prom tonight and danced with a highschool!! amazing!! I finally had prom!"

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift also appeared in an episode of Once Upon A Prom. The country singer turned pop star went to  Hillcrest High School's prom with Whit Wright.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry crashed a prom in Melbourne, Australia and sang Beyoncé's Single Ladies. On Twitter, she bragged, "I totes just crashed a prom!!!"

Jason Derulo

Singer Jason Derulo performed at the Culver City High School prom, and even crowned the King and Queen. He also recorded a vlog, and clearly had a blast.


Not even Champagne Papi could resist the allure of prom. The God's Plan rapper chaperoned his cousin and her date, and even hooked up with them up with a white Rolls Royce.

Well, congratulations to all you high school students who had celebrity prom crashers. Now your photos from the night will look cool, instead of hysterically awkward.