Bella Hadid says that this is the secret to becoming a successful model

Bella Hadid says that this is the secret to becoming a successful model

Bella Hadid is currently storming down catwalks with New York Fashion Week in full swing, and she's joined by all the other top models around the world like her sister, Gigi, Kaia Gerber and Lily Aldridge (who is five months pregnant!).

Bella is no stranger to the world of catwalks and photo shoots, and the 21-year-old recently gave some insight into what she thinks is the key to becoming a successful model. After sizzling down the runway for Brandon Maxwell's Spring/Summer show, the model and social media star revealed in an interview that modelling is – yes, about looks – but also about personality too.

Her advice on how to become a successful model?

"100 per cent it would be just to be yourself and to not try to be anybody else," she told Teen Vogue. "And it sounds so cliché, but you see girls backstage sometimes that finally, now, after three years of being in the business, can be themselves and show who they really are, and it's the best part about them."

Bella wants everyone to be true to themselves over anything else. And while we're so used to imagining models as tall, leggy girls with tiny waists and striking cheekbones, Bella insisted that there is no need for stereotypes: "Sometimes people try to get put into a box, and there are no boxes here."

As we can see on the catwalks and in promotional campaigns over the years, the industry is becoming less strict with who can be considered model-worthy. Plus-sized models like Ashley Graham, as well as models with Vitiligo like Winnie Harlow, are some of the top names in fashion right now, which helps support Bella's claim that "there are no boxes". A model with Down's Syndrome even fulfilled her dream of walking down a runway at New York Fashion Week last week!

While she and her sister are both incredibly genetically blessed, Bella says that perfection and looks aren't necessarily what help you get successful in this industry. According to Bella, it doesn't matter "if your walk is a little wobbly" or whatever, because it's more about being kind and genuine.

She claims that it's "about the relationships you make, about the kindness that you spread". She adds that you do really need to work hard to make it, and you need to be able to handle the pressure that comes with it too: "obviously working really hard you have to have a great mindset to be in this business."

So yes, while the majority of models are generally slimmer than the average woman, and the new breed of Instagram "models" don't exactly champion diverse examples of body-image and beauty, it's really all about our attitudes.

While Bella is undeniably gorgeous and working as a professional model might seem like the easiest thing for her to do, we'd be wise to listen to her when she says everyone should aim "just to be yourself and to not try to be anybody else".

Beauty is on the outside and the inside, after all.