Cardi B and Offset share extremely racy PDA video of their vacation and fans are obsessed

Cardi B and Offset share extremely racy PDA video of their vacation and fans are obsessed

While some people turn their nose up at couples who steal a kiss while at the train station or in the seating area of a bar, I think your views on PDA depend entirely on where you are in your own relationship.

I personally am not unfamiliar with a public make-out session with anybody I'm dating, but two months into a breakup I am also liable to walk over to canoodling couples to inform them: "love is an illusion. Enjoy this dead cat bounce while it lasts."

Couple kissing Credit: Getty

So, a bit like Valentine's Day from a couple of weeks ago, some of you might find Cardi B's PDA with her boo Offset too much; others might think it's cute. But for now, I'll let you be the judge, and let you know what the deal is with Cardi B and Offset right now.

While we're all here freezing our butts off as spring takes its sweet time deciding if it's here yet, the couple are out in Mexico, and Cardi B is stoking our FOMO by taking some snaps aboard a yacht. Snaps like this one:

But as beautiful as Cardi looks here, we're not here for holiday snaps of Cardi B. No: we're here for some PDA, and Offset brought the PDA. While a nice cuddle or some aggressive tongue tennis at a sporting event (we see you, Pete Davidson) is pretty common, Offset often goes the extra mile for his girl Cardi, and wouldn't you know: he goes the extra mile here.

Forget New York, Paris or Mexico; for Offset, his only happy place seems to be Cardi B's cleavage. While Cardi lip syncs to a rap song, Offset probably doesn't even realise he's on camera. I don't think I've ever been that happy in my life. But wait, folks: did you think that was going to be the extent of things?

Cardi B and Offset are at it again in a subsequent video, and this time, they make Offset's nuzzling look tame in comparison. Just look at them go:

This was a live video recorded by user @belcaliszn, and fans are... pretty encouraged by what Cardi B's Instagram had to offer while they were on holiday. I mean, @dejanae_mafi_was wants to know "What song is that", while @htf.305 came for Nicki Minaj: "This is how Nicki thinks she looks when she's with her 'man' 😂 Cardi da real Queen."

This is... sweet (?), but it wasn't always like this for Offset and Cardi B. Of course, the couple had broken up after a cheating scandal back in early December, but Offset managed to rectify the situation, getting on his knees and doing some ol' fashioned grovelling, recorded via public Instagram video.

Dude was serious.

"I am sorry for what I have done to you. I didn’t f*ck that girl, but I was entertaining it, you know what I’m saying? I apologize, and I love you, and I hope you forgive me. My birthday wish is just to have you back."

They eventually made up, it seems, and now they're back together, there's nobody happier about that than your boy Offset.

That's the face of bliss up there.