Cardi B reveals she hears 'a voice in her head' in bizarre Instagram video

Cardi B reveals she hears 'a voice in her head' in bizarre Instagram video

"It's not you, it's me" is a phrase most of us hope we never have to hear in our lives, because despite the literal meaning of those words, it often usually means "it definitely is you, please leave me alone". However, Cardi B has posted a video to reassure her fans that it is, in fact, her.

The rapper took to Instagram to explain why she is often asked why she gives fans a dirty look whenever they meet her. Fortunately, Cardi was able to provide an explaination - albeit, not a very coherent one.

In the bizarre video, Cardi B explains that she is distracted by the "voice in her head":

In the explicit video, simply captioned 'Life', the rapper explains that she is "having a problem":

"A lot of people be saying ‘Oh I met Cardi B and I don’t know if she like me or not because she was looking at me like if I’m crazy or if I was r*****ed or something’ but that’s not the problem."

The Grammy award winner then clarified that the reason she can often seem absent during a conversation is all down to the fact she is also having a discussion with the voice in her head.

The 'Money' singer then provided an example of the sort of conversation she has with the voice in her head:

“Like, you could be talking to me and the voice in my head […] will start asking me questions like, ‘Hey what happened to that green Balenciaga shirt that you wore the other day?’ And then I’ll reply back in my head like, ‘I don’t know b****. I think I left it at my grandma’s house.’”

Cardi B walked the red carpet of the 2019 Grammy Awards. Credit: Getty

And despite the fact the minute-long rant is something that some people would find disturbing, many of the rapper's fans commented their support, with many saying they experience the same thing.

Instagram user nightchild74 commented, "I thought I was the only one who did that s***. Glad to know someone does it too".

And user klassycasey simply added, "this is sooo me".