Channing Tatum reveals he's in therapy and encourages others to do the same

Channing Tatum reveals he's in therapy and encourages others to do the same

Actor Channing Tatum has revealed that he has been seeing a therapist, after launching into a rant in an Instagram video in which he accused the new astrology app, The Pattern, of listening in on his private conversations.

The Magic Mike actor claims that the app used suspiciously similar language and terminology to his therapist when analysing and describing his personality profile. With a shaved head and sporting an orange t-shirt, Tatum addressed his millions of fans and Instagram followers, asking them to explain the situation to him.

Watch Channing Tatum talk about his therapy below: 

Tatum stated: "I'm in therapy, whatever. Everybody should be in therapy - and I just get a notification on my phone this morning... using the exact words that we were using in therapy. Is the phone listening? Are you listening through my phone Pattern? Are you listening and then just regurgitating the stuff that I'm afraid of?"

The actor continued: "How do you know what you know about me Pattern? People of the pattern, people that use the pattern, you need to DM me right now and tell me how you know this stuff. I don't even know if I want to know this stuff. I don't know if anybody should know this stuff."

However, in a clear example of the Streisand Effect, Tatum's tirade appears to have driven more people to investigate the app out of curiosity. Apparently, in the aftermath of Tatum's video, The Pattern's servers crashed due to a sudden rush of downloads.

In fact, the app's official Instagram account later messaged Tatum, writing: "Hey @channingtatum!👋 Thanks for letting us know you planned on crashing our servers today 😂 We’ll be sliding into your dms shortly."

Pop psychology and personality tests are all harmless fun, but please remember, if you're seeking any kind of counselling or therapy, then please consult with a certified and qualified professional.