Chrissy Teigen and John Legend rule Halloween with some very royal costumes

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend rule Halloween with some very royal costumes

There's a reason why Chrissy Teigen is widely regarded as the queen of Instagram: she'd genuinely go to any lengths to go viral, and her sense of style is absolutely impeccable. Bearing that in mind, Halloween is the perfect holiday for her, and you'd expect her costume to be top-notch and internet-breaking all in one go. Suffice to say, Halloween 2018 has been no exception, and Chrissy and her spouse John Legend have absolutely, positively, dressed to impress.

However, Halloween is also an excuse for a lot of people to dress a little bit more provocatively than usual, and some of the costumes that people pick for Halloween parties look more like something from Victoria's Secret than a costume shop. But, if you were hoping to see Chrissy Teigen in something skimpy and head-turning (like as Catwoman or Harley Quinn, as characters many people have apparently decided to go as this year) Chrissy decided to go for someone who's even more of a style icon than she is.

Yes, this year Chrissy Teigen and John Legend dressed as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and we have to say that their outfits are absolutely on-point. Rather than go for something titillating, Chrissy elected to go for a grandma look, while John wore a bright red military tunic complete with fake medals. If you ask me, from the looks of this whole ensemble, I'd say that they've been watching a lot of episodes of The Crown on Netflix lately.

John captioned the picture of him and Chrissy: "We worked all day. We just did it for the 'gram." The post currently boasts over a million likes and thousands of comments. In one of Legend's Instagram stories, Chrissy later joked that the pair were supposed to be attending a party together, but that they were too tired from all their preparation, and had elected to stay at home instead. Ah well, sometimes there's nothing like a quiet night in to perk you up again.

Their many fans had an enthusiastic reaction to the hilarious costume on social media, with one Instagram-user writing: "She nailed it! When @chrissyteigen could actually look like a frumpy old lady??? Whaaaaa say it ain’t so!!! Someone give her one those statues!!!! [sic]" while another person added: "MG THE MOST AMAZING AND BRILLIANT COSTUME DUO EVAR. ????? you guys pulled it together spectacularly, love all the details! And what a fantastic power couple to pay tribute to ???. [sic]"

It's good to see that the couple is enjoying life together. In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Chrissy discussed her past mental health issues, stating: "When I look at the most successful people around me, I feel like they all had plans. But I never had a plan. Never. I used to be on anti-anxiety medication because I was confused. I didn't know where I was going in life. All I knew when I was younger, or when I was 18, was that I wanted kids and a husband."

Chrissy - you really are an inspiration to us all!