Chrissy Teigen had the perfect response after seeing trolls' comments about her butt

Chrissy Teigen had the perfect response after seeing trolls' comments about her butt

Chrissy Teigen is well known for her unique sense of humour. The model, and social media personality, frequently entertains her 11.3 million Twitter followers with barbed comments on everything from the Trump administration to whatever weird thing is currently trending on TikTok.

And now she gave the best response to a hilarious image of John Legend's apparent reaction to her backside.

I mean, c'mon - it's obvious that John is just squinting at the sun - but the responses on Twitter were hilarious. And Chrissy had to get in on the action, and remind us that Instagram-esque butts are not gifted to everyone.

"Everyone so used to ass shots and photoshopped Instagrams. I've had no ass forever — is this new news to some of you?" she wrote. 

"F*ckin lames wouldn't be able to stop blabbering if I got my a** done either. Bored as all hell, never can win!" she added.

Naturally, Chrissy wasn't having it when the person who originally shared the snap tried to offer an explanation. "We laughing at dude face, ma. That's what makes the pic funny. Stay blessed," they said. 

She responded: "His face, looking at my a**, so nah. I see the comments, you know. still enjoy you."

The original poster followed this up by saying that if John wasn't in the picture it wouldn't be as funny, but the mother-of-two had quite the retort to that;

"Yeah. his grossed out face looking at my a**. you don't need to explain this to me. I get it. I know the meme and I see the 100s of comments under it *about* my body and his reaction to it. you were clowning on me or his look at me. that's all.

Just laughing about his face" lolllllll sure (and I'm not that pressed, I've seen this photo all week - we follow each other and I can say what I want just like he can!"

Look, no one can out-troll the queen of Twitter.