Chrissy Teigen marks her baby Miles' due date with a hilarious, heartfelt message

Chrissy Teigen marks her baby Miles' due date with a hilarious, heartfelt message

It doesn't feel like it was that long ago we were hearing that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had a second child on the way, but now the baby is born - upping the adorable factor of Chrissy's Instagram by a considerable amount.

In November last year, the model confirmed that she was pregnant with a second child in the cutest way. In the Instagram video, captioned "It's John's!", she asked her firstborn what was in her pregnant belly - to which her 17-month-old daughter Luna replied "baby".

In the months since her Instagram and Twitter game was pretty incredible, with some hilarious moments - including the frequent trolling of her musician husband. Then, in mid-May they couple announced that they had become parents of a second child - this time a boy.

On Twitter, Teigen wrote "Somebody's herrrrrrre!" along with some telltale emojis.

In the following days, we saw John Legend criticise Donald Trump in an emotional tweet, using his baby son as a reference for why we shouldn't dehumanise those who have done wrong in their lives. Then, Chrissy Teigen surprised us all with a particularly over-sharing tweet about the process of giving birth to her newborn son.

A week later she shared the first photo of the baby boy, and announced to the world that his name was Miles. "Hello, world! This is Miles Theodore Stephens, " Teigen wrote. "We are drowning in his little peeps and nuzzles. Our household feels overwhelmed with love. Thank you for all your well wishes!"

We also were privy to some more glimpses into the early life of baby Miles, as well as his meetings with his fellow sibling Luna. We got to see the boy at 11 days old with his big sister Luna, and it was irresistibly adorable - just look:

While things have worked out brilliantly for Chrissy, John, Luna and Miles, it wasn't all according to plan. In fact, Miles arrived three weeks earlier than his due date, which must have been a surprise for his parents. The actual due date for little Miles was 7th June, but that doesn't mean that Teigen couldn't find a way to mark the occasion.

She shared an adorable photo of her sleeping child, along with a caption that was as funny as it was cute. "Today was your original due date but you heard how cool we are since that's all we talk about (how cool we are) and you wanted to see what all the fuss was about, 3 weeks early," she wrote, adding: "Well we tricked u! We are boring AF but we love you!"

It's hard to relate to a lot of celebrity couples out there, and while John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have definitely got a bigger house and more money to their names than the rest of us - it's hard not to love them just a little bit.