Chrissy Teigen posted a 'space baby' photo and NASA commented

Chrissy Teigen posted a 'space baby' photo and NASA commented

Yesterday President Trump ordered the Pentagon to create a sixth military branch called the Space Force, and no, this is not an Onion article. The ambitious project will establish "American dominance in space," which is "a warfighting domain." Yeah, I don't know that means either. But hey, if the soldiers are armed with real lightsabers, I'm down.

Anyway, if Donald Trump needs recruits for this Space Force, he should talk to Chrissy Teigen. The Lip Sync Battle host is one of the most most entertaining celebrities on social media, serving epic clap-backs to vegans and showing off her glamorous postpartum underwear. But she's also a big ol softie, sharing adorable photos of her children. She and John Legend have two kids, two-year-old Luna and one-month-old Miles.

On Instagram, Chrissy shared a cute photo of Miles with her 18.1 million followers. In the picture, Miles is fast asleep, wearing a blue onesie and a white NASA stocking cap. In the caption, Chrissy wrote, "Space baby!" Well, babies do have one thing in common with astronauts: They both wear diapers. He's already dressed for the space shuttle.

In a surprising turn of events, Chrissy tweeted the baby photo, and NASA responded. You'd think the nerds at NASA would be busy working on something important, like planning a mission to Mars or opening a Starbucks on the moon. But no, all they do is lurk on Twitter, waiting for someone to tweet something about "space" so they can respond immediately. You guys know you're coming off super desperate, right? I bet if you call NASA they pick up on the first ring.

Anyway, NASA's official Twitter account replied to Chrissy by making a space-related pun - and no, it wasn't Uranus. "We think your little one is out-of-this-world, and we really dig his hat! It's fitting that he's wearing blue, because newborn stars glow the same color." Ugh, come on, NASA, I didn't come to Twitter to learn! Can't you go one tweet without teaching me a science fact?

Other Twitter users responded to Chrissy's tweet with jokes about Donald Trump's Space Force. However, Chrissy didn't get the reference, writing, "Wait I didn’t hear about this space force shit. What is this madman doing now??" Comedian and actress Kristen Schaal responded, tweeting, "I think he's finally having fun. Because, surprisingly, he can't be stopped." To which Chrissy agreed, "This is exactly it. He hated it at first. Didn’t want to be president, wanted to win. Now he is having fun. We are DOOMED."

Well, we may be doomed, but at least we have Twitter to kill some time before Ragnarok. I think Miles Teigen-Legend will make an excellent commanding officer in the Space Force. Arm him with a lightsaber, and let's invade Neptune. Then we'll build a wall around the Earth, and make the Martians pay for it.