Chrissy Teigen shares video of mystery health ailment on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen shares video of mystery health ailment on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen is known for being very outspoken on Twitter. She will unashamedly call people out if she needs to, and she certainly doesn't have any qualms about sharing aspects of her personal life with her followers.

Apparently, that means openly sharing information - a video even - about a mystery health ailment with her fans. You know, just in case any of them are able to come up with a reasonable diagnosis.

Take a look at Teigen's mysterious symptoms:

On Tuesday, the supermodel reached out to her Twitter followers to ask for any advice they could give her about an apparent medical problem she seemed to be facing.

"Hello, my arm won’t stop doing this after I stretched funny," she explained. "Numb, not painful but feels extremely heavy and gives out easily," she began. "I tried cupping (the marks) but no go. It has been 3 days and I can’t lift my babies. I don’t need help just want attention."

And, of course, several members of Teigen's dedicated fanbase came through for the Sports Illustrated cover girl with some sound advice.

"See your doctor, just friendly advice," one fan suggested.

"Assuming you tried acupuncture with the cupping, but if you didn’t, try that," another added.

"Have you tried turning it off and then back on?" one user joked.

Incredibly, though, all this legit-sounding advice and the endless suggestions weren't quite congruent with medical guidance from Teigen's doctor.

"My doctor doesn't want me to talk to u guys anymore he thinks u are crazy. I tried to tell him nO! they are doctors!!!! [sic]" she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Teigen didn't, however, update us on what the real diagnosis was. But if you happen to be experiencing the same symptoms, you should know there are a number of factors that can lead to muscle twitching: excessive consumption of caffeine, deficiencies in vitamin D, vitamin B, and calcium, intense physical activity, anxiety, stress and dehydration.

Take care of yourselves, folks!