Chrissy Teigen tweets about her toddler's 'secret language' and parents can relate

Chrissy Teigen tweets about her toddler's 'secret language' and parents can relate

Toddlers can't speak coherently, but that doesn't stop them from babbling. And why should it? It doesn't stop our current president. (Zing!) Also, it's how kids learn. Before you know it, they'll go from speaking gibberish to begging you for candy in perfect English! And then you will wish they went back to speaking gibberish or not speaking at all.

But are toddlers really spouting nonsense? Maybe there's a method to the madness. Social media queen and postpartum pants model Chrissy Teigen claims she can understand her two-year-old daughter, Luna. "Only I can understand my kid," tweeted Chrissy. "[She says], 'BDIDKDKODKDHJXUDHEJSLOSJDHDUSJMSOZUZUSJSIXOJ' and I’m like 'ok I will get you a piece of sausage in just a minute.'"

Chrissy is married to John Legend, a talented singer, and the real-life version of the animated aardvark, Arthur. A couple months ago, they had their second child through IVF, a son named Miles. (And yes, a photo of Miles and Luna playing together is the cutest thing ever.) On social media, these young celebrities have shared the journey of parenthood. Moms and dads everywhere find their posts hilariously real, and the secret language of toddlers was no exception.

Many Twitter users replied to Chrissy's tweet, sharing their own stories. Here are the best responses.

It's an important phrase

What the Duck

Kid makes a good point

It's The Toddler Whisperer

It's not The Toddler Whisperer

It's the same language

It's a young Foley artist



If you have a toddler who speaks gibberish, try listening closer. That jabberwockian mish-mash of sound might have meaning. "EOAWISHFOAIKLKJ" might mean "Mom, I want pizza for dinner." ASOFEOFHSDUJKXFSF" might mean "Sesame Street sucks. Can I watch Westworld?" And "WEOFHEOISFHDFJLSDKFJSDJKF" might mean, "Wow, John Legend really does look like the real-life version of the animated aardvark Arthur. That is uncanny. Let's troll him with photos on Twitter."

Maybe in the future Chrissy will post a video of Luna's gibberish and provide some translations. Recently she shared a cute video of Luna playing the drums. After expertly rocking out, the aspiring Travis Barker exclaims, "I did it!" I don't have kids, but I could understand that phase pretty easily. But it's anything longer than a short sentence, I'm sure I'd be lost.

The names 'Luna' and 'Miles' have meaning as well. On Ellen, Chrissy said she picked the name Luna because during the week of her birth there was a "gorgeous blood moon." Also, she loves space, and has fond memories of going to space camp as a kid. Meanwhile, at the Billboard Music Awards, John Legend revealed he named Miles after the legendary jazz musician, Miles Davis.

Well, congratulations to Chrissy for becoming fluent in the secret language of toddlers. Or, as a toddler would put it, "ASDFHDUHDSHIAERHIODFJDS."