Conor McGregor mocked for starring in strange Russian gambling advert

Conor McGregor mocked for starring in strange Russian gambling advert

Conor McGregor is being mocked online for his role in a puzzling Russian Gambling advert.

The advert, which is just under a minute long, sees McGregor flying backwards in a desolate area, before squaring off against a range of animals.

Check said advert out here, courtesy of Parimatch:

The Jack of all trades also appears as a figure in a computer game version of a fight between himself and former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Plus we see a room full of yellow flamingos, a gorilla with a Conor McGregor tattoo on its chest - and not to mention the troop of women clad in rabbit masks, who perform McGregor’s famous ‘Billionaire Strut’.

And just when you thought it couldn't any more bizarre, the former double weight UFC world champion can also be seen made up as the Joker. 

 "It is impossible to put Conor’s personality into words, and also impossible to remain indifferent to him. In his advertising campaign for Parimatch he was true to himself - unpredictable and brutal, but always reliable and charged to win," Parimatch CEO Sergey Portnov said of the collaboration

Perhaps unsurprisingly, plenty of Twitter user took to the site to roast the athlete for his appearance in the bizarre commercial.

One Twitter user wrote: "Money has overtaken your heart, soul and drive. Chasing dreams turned to chasing paper. Would be good to see the old McGregor back."

A second user simply wrote: "G-A-R-B-A-G-E."

"Was this made for SNL?? Is this part of a trailer for a new Zoolander movie?? I don't care, I just had a great laugh with this bizarre piece of crap," wrote a third.

McGregor recently represented Parimatch at several press conferences in Russia and Ukraine where he announced that his return to UFC will take place in January 2020.