Courteney Cox recreates iconic 'Friends' scene on Instagram and fans are loving it

Courteney Cox recreates iconic 'Friends' scene on Instagram and fans are loving it

It may well have been a whole 15 years since Friends came to an end, but fans remain as attached as ever to the legendary characters, gripping storylines, and those unforgettable catchphrases.

But there are few catchphrases as satisfying to shout out at people - specifically while they're in the middle of moving heavy household items - than "Pivot!"

And Courteney Cox certainly wasn't about to miss out on the perfect opportunity to recreate a beloved Friends scene:

Cox shared a video to her Instagram account in which her boyfriend, Johnny McDaid, and some of his pals were moving a table across a hallway. And, of course, none other than Monica Gellar herself can be heard shouting "Pivot!". Seriously, this clip gave me goosebumps.

The 54-year-old actress then praises the team for their efforts, telling them "that's good pivoting".

The iconic catchphrase comes from an episode which follows Ross on a mission to buy a new couch. Ross then enlists the help of Rachel and Chandler to move it up the narrow stairwell in his apartment building, but despite their painstaking efforts, they fail spectacularly.

Much of the comedy in this scene centers around Ross' repetitive and rather neurotic demand that Rachel and Chandler "PI-VOT" the couch, without considering the fact that it's literally an impossible task.

Ross, Rachel and Chandler attempt to move a very large couch up some very narrow stairs. Credit: Warner Bros / NBC

But back to Courteney Cox's antics, and considering Friends fans live for this sort of thing and love seeing the stars paying tribute to the show in their own little ways, the video was flooded with delighted commenters.

"I didn't know I needed this in my life," Instagram user Selda Khodaverdi commented.

While a niyathi_aiella asked, "where is chandlerr!??? Someone scream shut uppppppppp!!!! [sic]"

And user awildazayas2018 typed, "Oh my gosh, I cracked up just remembering the 'pivot' scene on Friends. I still watch it on Netflix. Actually, the only reason why I have Netflix is to watch Friends. [sic]"

But this isn't the only time Cox has brought back memories of the show for fans. Last year, Cox was filmed bumping into her former Friends co-star and onscreen boyfriend, Tom Selleck, at a bar in New York.

Naturally, fans were delighted by the impromptu reunion, which was shared by Twitter user Claudia Oshry.

In the video, the pair can be seen hugging at the bar before having what we can only assume is a much-needed catchup.