Dick Cheney's daughter fires back at Christian Bale for likening her father to 'satan'

Dick Cheney's daughter fires back at Christian Bale for likening her father to 'satan'

Following up from 2015's The Big Short, which landed various Oscar nominations including a win for Best Adapted Screenplay, writer/director Adam McKay moved onto his next project: a biopic about Former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney.

Rather than cast someone who looks even a little bit like Cheney, McKay went to Christian Bale. The actor has transformed his appearance on screen numerous times, whether it be putting on muscle for the Batman movies or dropping the pounds for The Machinist or The Fighter. And he was just as committed this time around, utterly changing his looks to step into Cheney's shoes.

The commitment paid off, as Sunday's Golden Globes granted him the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture for the role. It's his second win after winning Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter in 2011, while he also earned nominations for The Big Short and American Hustle.

In a controversial turn, some of Bale's remarks made during his acceptance speech greatly upset the family of the man he'd depicted on screen. During the speech, Bale gave a shoutout to Lucifer himself for his influence in playing Cheney, saying:

"Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role."

While much of the audience found the comment funny, Liz Cheney found no humour in the matter. Liz, the eldest daughter of Dick and Lynne Cheney, currently serves as the US Representative for Wyoming's congressional district, where she has served for the last two years.

She took to social media to call him out for his comment about her father, posting an article from The Independent in 2008, which cites the actor's arrest for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister. “Satan probably inspired him to do this, too,” she wrote.

The arrest took place on July 23, 2008 at the Dorchester hotel, where his mother and sister claim he attacked them. He has denied the allegations made against him, and his sister later told reporters that it was a "family matter," later adding:

"He verbally attacked us. He spoke in the same aggressive way he did to that lighting engineer. I wouldn't have minded so much but it was in front of my family and three children.

"I went to the police because I felt he should be cautioned. I thought one day his temper could get him into trouble. I regret it now because the media got involved and came out with some very hurtful things, about mum and me instigating the argument.

"There was a lot of ridiculous media gossip. All I was trying to do was help him."

The actor spent several hours at a Belgravia police station, before he was released on bail. The Crown Prosecution Service announced in August that year that Bale would not be charged for the alleged assault, due to insufficient evidence.