Donald Trump Jr. posted about his 'bada$$ Instagram' account and now the whole internet is cringing

Donald Trump Jr. posted about his 'bada$$ Instagram' account and now the whole internet is cringing

Over the course of 2018, the Trump family certainly did their best to make most of the world despise them. Melania demonstrated her complete disconnect from real life by attempting to do some gardening in Louboutins, Ivanka attracted a lot of unwanted attention when it was revealed that she'd been using a private email while in her official position at the White House, and Donald... well, what didn't he do?

As the year came to a close, though, one of the Trumps decided he wasn't quite done with making himself a hated public figure, and slipped in one last painfully cringeworthy tweet with just a few hours to go. It was, of course, Donald Jr.

Donald trump jr. Credit: Instagram/Donald Trump Jr.

For some ungodly reason, the Daily Caller decided to celebrate Donald Jr.'s birthday yesterday by posting an article titled, "It’s Donald Trump Jr.’s Birthday. Celebrate With His Most Bada$$ Instagram Photos To Date". And then, for an even ungodlier one, the president's son decided to share the article with the title still intact in the tweet.

No comment, no 'happy birthday to me' statement - just a reiteration of how "bada$$" he must think his Insta is:

And, boy, did he get ripped to shreds.

"This is just sad," commented one person.

"Did he just promote his own birthday on Twitter? w/an article attachment as well? Is this a thing now?" added another. "How starved for love and attention is he? Someone, please give him a hug."

Perhaps the harshest burn of all, however, came from this comment: "Lmao ur dad forgot ur birthday."

And at this point, you may be wondering exactly what was so "bada$$" about Donald Jr.'s account in the first place (so "bada$$", in fact, that they couldn't just say "badass"). Well, it's just a bunch of pictures of him holding various animals he's killed and trying not to look like he only learnt to smile that same morning.

Here's one of them:

donald trump jr with fish Credit: Instagram/Donald Trump Jr.

And here's another one:

donald trump jr Credit: Instagram/Donald Trump Jr.

Aaaand here's a third one:

donald trump jr Credit: Instagram/Donald Trump Jr.

Woahhh what a total BADA$$ you guys!! Did you see that HUGE fish he caught? And that amazing orange jacket he was wearing? And that ill-fitting camo hat? What a bro.

Anyway, Donald Jr. seemed to think that was a great way to end the year for him - and, personally speaking, it was quite an entertaining way for me to start the new one. Thanks for the laugh, Don, and no thanks for absolutely everything else.