Donald Trump Jr. swimming in a 'gator infested swamp' is the internet's new favorite meme

Donald Trump Jr. swimming in a 'gator infested swamp' is the internet's new favorite meme

Looking at Donald Trump Jr., it seems that the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree in many respects. Like his father, the 40-year-old is a businessman, has five children, has appeared on reality TV shows, boasts a prominent social media presence, and loves to tweet controversial things.

Unlike his father, though, Donald the younger doesn't seem to be much of a germaphobe, as a recent post on Instagram shows him swimming in a "gator infested swamp" in Louisiana.

And why, I hear you cry, would he do such a thing? For a bet, of course.

"This is what happens when someone bets me a good sum that there’s no way that the guy from New York City would swim in a gator infested swamp/bayou down in Louisiana," he wrote. "Easy money!!!"

The president's oldest son was in Broussard, Louisiana, for the primary purpose of supporting attorney general Jeff Landry's hunting fundraiser - a "sport" that he is a notorious fan of. "It's an honor to be here and I'm excited to go get a big gator," he said at the event.

Trump Jr. then went on a hunting trip with Rep. Steve Scalise, but apparently ended up in the swamp somewhere along the way.

And, of course, everyone started making a meme out of it.

Some people went for the "drain the swamp" joke:

Others drew attention to the fact that this was something he did for money (despite already being filthy rich):

And a lot of people were simply impressed at how far Trump Jr. will go to "own the libs":

Meanwhile, others on Instagram took the opportunity to criticise the businessman's penchant for hunting.

"What a disgusting male you are Don Jr.," wrote one person. "What happened in your childhood that you get so much pleasure out of killing?"

"You must be so proud spending the weekend killing pigs and alligators," another added.

"Idiot. Anything for the almighty $$$. You must be so so proud. Now try doing something actually GOOD for America, instead of antics and hate-tweeting!" said a third.

Of course, Trump Jr. didn't have time to respond to the so-called "haters and losers" - instead he continued on his trip, presumably hunting more alligators and (dare I say 'hopefully'?) jumping in more swamps.

Well, this whole debacle just goes to show that there's one more thing Trump Jr. and his father have in common - both of them have all the money in the world, but neither of them seem to be able to afford a little bit of common sense. Sad!