Drake dedicated his Billboards win to Arya Stark and she totally deserves it

Drake dedicated his Billboards win to Arya Stark and she totally deserves it

Finding out that one of the world's biggest stars - particularly if said star happens to be an idol of ours - is a fan of the same show we're a fan of is probably a lot more exciting than it should be.

But there's something very satisfying about learning that someone whose work you adore - someone you put on a pedestal - takes pleasure in (at least some of) the same things that you do.

And plenty of people experienced just that last night when Drake revealed that he's a Game of Thrones' fan (he's just like us, guys!)

Yesterday, the 32-year-old rapper attended the 2019 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. It was during the star-studded ceremony that Drake made it known to the world that 1) he's an avid watcher of GoT and 2) he massively rates one of the fiercest warriors on the hit HBO show - Arya Stark.

He told us as much while accepting the award for Top Billboard 200 Album for Scorpion. In his speech, the God's Plan hitmaker gushed over the youngest Stark daughter and the crucial role she played in last week's episode, entitled 'The Long Night' - a particular highlight being the moment she killed the Night King.

If you haven't yet watched a preview to this week's episode, here it is:

"Thank you, this is amazing," Drake started his acceptance speech. "I guess I gotta thank everybody who contributed to this project.

"It was a really lengthy album, so it's a lot of people to mention, but thank you to everybody who gave me their time, their energy, stayed away from their family and friends while we were trying to complete this. I always had a dream of doing a double album, and I finally did it, so now I'll never do it again."

"And, yeah, thank you to the Billboards, and I need a glass of champagne," Drake continued. "And, hey, shout out to Arya Stark for putting in that work last week!"

This is the epic moment Arya conquers the Night King, thereby saving her brother Bran:

This actually isn't the first time Drake has given Game of Thrones a shoutout. In his song You & the 6, he references the series in the following lyrics, "I pull the knife out my back and cut they throat with it, momma/ I'm Game of Thrones with it, momma/ I'm Home Alone with it, momma/ I really hate using this tone with you, momma/ I really hate getting aggressive on this phone with you, momma."