Ed Sheeran got sick of his neighbours complaining so he just bought their houses

Ed Sheeran got sick of his neighbours complaining so he just bought their houses

Not everyone is fortunate enough to get along with their neighbours. You don't exactly get to choose who it is you live within close proximity to - you're simply stuck with whoever you're stuck with.

And while most of us aren't really in a position to do anything about it if we do happen to despise our neighbours, apparently ultra-wealthy superstar Ed Sheeran very much is.

In fact, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter has reportedly shelled out a whopping £4million in order to buy out his 'moaning' neighbours who lived in the houses surrounding his home in Framlingham, Suffolk.

It all started back in 2012, which is when Sheeran bought his £895,000 farmhouse. In the last few years, it is estimated that the I Don't Care singer spent a total of £3.7 million buying the surrounding properties.

These include a Grade II listed house next door for £450,000 which he bought the same year, a £925,000 detached house in front of his home in 2016 and a bungalow on the other side of his drive for £525,000 in 2017.

Apparently, Sheeran - whose net worth is estimated to be an eyewatering £160 million - made the decision to buy the surrounding properties because his neighbours kept moaning about the building works he had planned.

Earlier this year, it was reported that his planning consultants had submitted an application to the local council for the works to the garden in November 2018.

"The works involve laying new paving and composite decking around three properties, creating a kitchen garden with raised oak beds, brick paver and gravel paths, building the brick plinth base for a greenhouse," the detailed plan read, according to the Daily Mail.

The singer also wanted to build a treehouse and a 32ft chapel in the grounds of his home, but his neighbours weren't too thrilled by the prospect.

In a letter published by the council, one neighbour explained: "We have no problems with the proposal but query the mention of the chapel which has not gained permission and is most likely to be an oversight and would also request that all external lighting is switched off between midnight and 7 am."

In the end, Sheeran, multi-millionaire that he is, decided to shut them up by buying them out.

So maybe money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you peace and quiet and your very own neighbour-less village.