El Chapo has been sentenced to life in prison

El Chapo has been sentenced to life in prison

Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán has been sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years on drug trafficking charges, it has been reported. The Federal Court also ordered the kingpin to pay $12.6 Billion in forfeiture.

As per New York Post, the notorious leader of Mexico's Sinaloa narcotics cartel had this to say in court: "I’ve been forced to drink unsanitary water. I’ve been denied access to fresh air and sunlight. The only sunlight I have in my cell comes through in the air vent."

El Chapo sheds tears after being extradited to the US:

He continued: "In order to sleep, I have to clog my ears with toilet paper because of the air from the air duct. My wife has not been allowed to this day to visit me, I have not been allowed to hug my daughters. I have been physically, psychologically, mentally tortured 24 hours a day."

During his sentencing, Guzmán told the New York courtroom that "there was no justice here", CNN reports.

In a sentencing letter which was filed days ago, prosecutors clarified that life behind bars is the mandatory punishment for one crime Guzmán was found guilty of five months ago, USA Today reports.