Ellen Degeneres called out Lady Gaga for ignoring her and it's actually pretty awkward

Ellen Degeneres called out Lady Gaga for ignoring her and it's actually pretty awkward

If there's one person who is friends with everyone in Hollywood, it's Ellen Degeneres. She's the lady that can pull back the curtain to reveal your childhood celebrity crush, hide a mystery A-lister in the audience and hook you up with Michael B. Jordan with just a moment's notice.

However, it seems that not all famous people are close with the talk show host, namely Lady Gaga. On an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, due to be aired today, the 60-year-old calls out the Bad Romance songstress for ignoring her messages - and it all gets kinda awkward.

Appearing on the show to promote her new highly-acclaimed film, A Star Is Born, Gaga walked out to big applause from the audience and went on to exchange niceties with the host. However, a change in tone came when Ellen began pondering the last time she had seen the singer.

After concluding that Gaga had not been on the show for five years, Ellen remembered that she had last seen the Poker Face star at a wedding. Things got a little tense when she also recalled that she had text Gaga after the wedding with no reply.

"I texted you after Jimmy's wedding. Remember when we said we were going to get together and stuff? And then I texted you, and I never heard from you?" said Ellen, her words making Gaga's face drop.

The daytime talk show host continued to claim that she had messaged both Bradley and Gaga after watching A Star Is Born, stating that Bradley had text back straight away, but she had, again, received no response from Gaga.

"... And then, I saw the movie the other night, I texted Bradley. Bradley got right back to me," she said. "Like, immediately. He said, 'I'm in Nashville eating gummy bears. What a great text!' Texted you. Nothing. Nothing. You never text me back!"

Awkwardly coming up with an excuse, Gaga put her lack of communication down to an error with her phone, saying: "You know, I either, like, don't know what number it is or I blocked you by accident. I'm so sorry... I'll have to check my phone for sure."

Not letting her get away with it, Ellen quips: "Yeah, cos I say 'it's Ellen' to make sure you know it's me. Cos I worry about that, I change my number a lot."

After the actress admits she changes her number a lot too, Ellen says: "I was worried, I thought maybe I had the wrong number, cos why would you not respond to me - especially because Bradley got right back to me."

After implying that Gaga is a bad friend, the 60-year-old finally lets it go. Luckily, Gaga is giggling the whole way through the awkward encounter, taking Ellen's playful call-out well.

You can watch the full clip here, or catch the full interview this afternoon on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

It just goes to show, you should never ignore the queen of daytime talk shows - you'll live to regret it.