Emily Ratajkowski's belly button has sparked a bizarre new plastic surgery trend

Emily Ratajkowski's belly button has sparked a bizarre new plastic surgery trend

For many people, Emily Ratajkowski would rank fairly highly when it comes to the discussion of the most attractive people in the world. The model, who rose to fame off of her role in the controversial music video for Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," has a lot going for her: whether it's her tanned skin, stunning face, slender frame or, of course, her absolutely beautiful belly button.

Y'know what I'm on about; those evenings when you scroll through your timeline on Instagram and, because she is literally everywhere, Emily Ratajkowski pops up. There she is, scantily clad and posing seductively. It goes without saying that the first thing that catches your eye is her belly button. Not the face. Not the ample cleavage. The belly button. We all love Emily Ratajkowski's belly button.

Don't believe me? Well, have I got some startling news or you chump.

According to various reports, belly button shaping is the hot new trend for 2018. Darren Smith, a board-certified surgeon from New York City told Allure that "the belly button is a very important cosmetic feature of the stomach." And what, exactly, it is that people are looking for from the belly button? A hooded oval like Ratajkowski, of course!

Dr Matthew Schulman, another board certified plastic surgeon, claims that the number of belly button surgeries he's performed has doubled over the past five to six years. The surgeon claims that he carries out around 12 to 15 of the procedures a month and attributes the trend to the rising influence of social media, as well as the fact that people are now more aware that they can have pretty much every part of their body operated on.

"We've become a much more image-oriented society," said Dr Schulman. "People are more aware of their bodies on Instagram... and they understand now that there's a way to make their belly button's look better."

Experts say that the ideal belly button (if there was ever such a thing) is an oval that is vertically-oriented in order to make the torso look longer and abs appear leaner. Luckily for us, Dr Thomas Sterry, another surgeon, offered up his comforting and non-judgemental opinion on the whole ordeal, saying: "If you're at the beach ... and you got a bad belly button, it's hard to look sexy." Way to make people feel good about themselves, Tom.

Darren Smith says that no matter the type of belly button, they can always make it look better:

"Belly buttons that are ‘too large’ can be made smaller by removing extra belly button skin and tightening the bordering abdominal skin around the belly button.

"Belly buttons that are ‘too small’ are a little more difficult to deal with but can potentially be improved by removing some of the surrounding abdominal skin and gently stretching the belly button tissue to reach the enlarged border caused by removing the abdominal skin."

So there you have it, guys; not only can you get your nose, lips, boobs, bum, face and various other parts of your body altered, you can now get your belly button operated on. I mean, in all honesty, who really cares about their belly button? They're all a bit gross, really.