Emma Watson and Tom Felton hanging out together has got fans excited

Emma Watson and Tom Felton hanging out together has got fans excited

The Harry Potter movie made up one of the highest-grossing film franchises in cinematic history. The response to the first movie was nothing short of total adoration and ultimately led to another seven hugely lucrative movies being made.

Naturally, the child actors at the centre of the movies who, for an entire decade, spent what must have felt like every waking moment together, became an incredibly close, tight-knit bunch.

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And as they emerged into their teens, the media formed an interest in the young actors' love lives - and, in particular, the idea that the stars might have dated amongst themselves.

Check out this 2004 interview of a very young Emma Watson denying rumours of a romance between herself and either Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint:

Well, recently, rumours of a post-Hogwarts romance have been circulating around Hermione Granger actor Emma Watson and Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy.

Remember this iconic moment between Hermione and Malfoy?

While a lot of that might just be wishful thinking, the pair have spent time together - just the two of them - on multiple occasions.

Yesterday, in fact, Tom took to Instagram to share a photo of the two of them in pyjamas as the Malfoy actor gave his former castmate some guitar lessons. "Quick learner x," the 31-year-old actor wrote.

It appears that Emma flew out to meet Tom in South Africa - where the shot was taken and where the latter is filming a new movie.

Fans couldn't get over the pair's reunion, taking to the comment section in droves.

"BRAD & GAGA, make room," one user wrote.

"Blessing the rains down in Africa," wrote another, while a third added, "When do the tix come on sale?"

Back in February, Emma posted a photo of herself that was taken by Tom, writing in the caption: "Friends capture you best."

And before that, in November 2018, she posted a selfie the pair took at the beach and a video of them riding on a long board together.

Who knows if anything will happen between Emma and Tom. It seems they're perfectly happy as friends.