Every dad can relate to Alec Baldwin's comment on his daughter's racy Instagram post

Every dad can relate to Alec Baldwin's comment on his daughter's racy Instagram post

I imagine that being the father of a pretty famous model must get tough at times. While you'd no doubt be delighted that your daughter is making waves and being successful in her field of work, having to see regular, scantily-clad images of your daughter must be pretty hard.

One person who knows all too well about this struggle is Alec Baldwin. The actor, 60, has a 22-year-old daughter who is making waves in the modelling industry.

Ireland Baldwin has amassed 427,000 followers on Instagram through her good looks and envious frame. Known by many as the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, the model has been keen to carve her own way in the modelling industry and is determined to make a name for herself away from her famous family. However, due to her connections, Ireland's career often draws a comparison to Hailey Baldwin - her cousin.

“Honestly, me and Hailey have such a different brand and look,” Ireland explained, insisting that there's no competitiveness between the two of them. “We just are interested in different things, and she’s absolutely stunning. When I see her in person — I just saw her last week — and when I see her, she’s still my little cousin. We still rag on each other and joke around and we’re family. That’s really how it is.”

She continued to gush about how exciting it is to watch Hailey succeed. “She’s always been such a character that I think her being as public as she is now, and doing all the campaigns and the jobs and covers and whatever it is she’s doing, I think it’s just really exciting to see her getting all these things,” she added. “I’m so proud of her.”

While Hailey is now one of the most recognisable models on the planet and engaged to Justin Bieber, Ireland is still climbing the ladder to international stardom. And, of course, being a model, Ireland is more than proud to flaunt her figure every now and then on Instagram. Her father, however, is not so keen.

Taking to her account to upload a racy photo in which Ireland can be seen perched on top of a motorcycle wearing a bikini and posing suggestively, Alec Baldwin commented a comment that literally every father on the planet would write: "No. Just... no.

While Baldwin's comment was obviously in jest, it's easy to understand his struggle. Still, despite the comment, it seems like the pair get on exceptionally well. On father's day of last year, Ireland posted a heartwarming caption to her father, writing: "I love you. I always have and I always will. You're unique. You're strong. You're by far the funniest person I've ever known or will ever know and you make me so proud to be related to you. Thank you for all that you've ever taught me. ... I love you and thank you for always lifting me up and helping me figure out who I am!"

Who'd be a father to a successful model, hey?