Everything Cristiano Ronaldo eats in a day to maintain his astonishing physique

Everything Cristiano Ronaldo eats in a day to maintain his astonishing physique

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his impeccably muscular physique, a physique he has evidently trained hard for, through his incredibly disciplined and painstaking fitness regime.

But as they always say, abs are made in the kitchen, and Ronaldo relies on a nutritious, balanced diet to maintain his chiseled body.

Per the Sun, the 34-year-old eats little and often, enjoying up to six meals a day. Unsurprisingly, given its many health benefits, fish is a huge part of his diet.

This is the emotional moment Cristiano Ronaldo cried during a candid interview with Piers Morgan:

According to the publication, Swordfish, tuna, and braised cod are amongst the former Manchester United star's favorite fish dishes.

In fact, Ronaldo apparently referred to fish as "magical" due to its high protein and low-fat content.

For an early-morning breakfast, the athlete will indulge in ham and cheese and low-fat yogurt. And if he doesn't have it for breakfast, Ronaldo will help himself to some avocado toast for a snack.

A typical lunch will either be chicken and salad, or a fish dish - for instance, tuna with salad, eggs, and olives.

For dinner, Ronaldo enjoys a meal primarily made of either meat or fish. For instance, a typical dinner might be made up of braised cod, onions, thinly sliced potatoes, and scrambled eggs.

His diet aside, Ronaldo has his home gym to thank for much of his training and those enviable abs.

He explained to Goal.com:

"In training we do a few laps of the pitch, stretching, and cardio exercises [to warm-up]. Make sure you do something similar in your training, even if it is jogging to the gym or a warm up on the treadmill or bicycle."

He added:  “We do a lot of sprinting drills in training and they can be incorporated into your workout whether you are in the gym or outdoors. Try and add it to every workout you do."