Fans are absolutely losing it over Nicki Minaj hitting on Michael B. Jordan on live television

Fans are absolutely losing it over Nicki Minaj hitting on Michael B. Jordan on live television

If there's one celebrity out there who's not exactly known for restraint or subtlety, it's Nicki Minaj. Seriously, the woman has many talents, but keeping her personal feelings under wraps has never been one of her strong suits. Can you imagine what she would be like if she were flirting with someone for example? Yeah, you can pretty much guarantee that she wouldn't be shy about it. As it turns out, even at an awards show, she isn't coy about her affections, and the other day she made it pretty clear that she's been crushing hard on actor Michael B. Jordan. While accepting an award for female artist of 2018 at Sunday's People's Choice Awards 2018 the rapper seemed to publicly imply that she was eager to hook up with Jordan.

Minaj stated: "Hey y'all, how are you tonight? I said, 'How are you tonight?!' ... Shout out to Donatella Versace for custom making this outfit for me, and shout out to Michael B Jordan cause he's going to be taking it off of me tonight!" Wow, that's two celebrities name-dropped in one breath. But what does it mean? Was she just being a bit flirtatious? Or are Nicki and the Black Panther actor really in some kind of secret relationship? He's a pretty handsome dude, so I can see why Nicki is smitten. However, her fans were pretty shaken by the whole announcement and promptly took to social media to share their feelings about this development. Here are some of the best reactions.


But first, here is the incredibly not-so-subtle hookup request from Minaj:








Previously, Minaj was thought to be romantically associated with British Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton. The rumours first started back when Nicki posted a video of herself listening to a song on Instagram, which Hamilton liked. In response, Nicki wrote in the comments "@Lewishamilton oh hey" along with a cry-laughing emoji. The pair were later pictured leaving the same hotel together, before she shared an Instagram clip of them together showing off her outfit. Nicki captioned the image "Instagram husband" as well.

At least Lewis Hamilton and Michael B Jordan are two fellow-celebs that she can get along with. Unfortunately, the Cardi B/ Nicki Minaj feud is still in full swing, and now there's even been talk of legal action.