Fans are concerned about Justin Bieber after he chopped off all his hair

Fans are concerned about Justin Bieber after he chopped off all his hair

There's a phenomenon in dating that you might not have heard about - it usually occurs with men when they're happy and comfortable in their relationship: they start letting their appearance slide. When men are single and looking for love, they take great pains to be as groomed and as stylish as possible in order to attract a partner ... or at least, they try their best. The results aren't always stellar.

But once they're in a nice, comfortable relationship, all those standards are suddenly dropped like a heavy bag of groceries when you get through your front door. In a way, it's a compliment - if your man is at this point in his life, then he obviously trusts you enough to relax around you and dress down. Unfortunately, this can often result in some absolutely terrible life choices; like fashion faux pas and dreadful hairstyles. When that inevitably happens, it's up to that dude's friends, family and partner to reign him in and let him know that he needs to pull his finger out and get back on track.

One guy who's recently entered into a new and happy relationship is Justin Bieber. Bieber recently got engaged to Hailey Baldwin after breaking up with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, and now the two of them are officially engaged. He's obviously very happy with his new fiance, but there's one thing that's worried his many millions of fans: his hair. Yes, Bieber's glorious locks were once the talk of the town, but earlier this year he pledged to grow his hair out as long as possible and even went so far as to tell the world that he would never cut his hair again.

His long mane was beginning to make him look a bit scruffy, and a lot of his fans disapproved of the mullet-like hairstyle. However, now it appears that Beiber has made the bold decision to shave his hair completely, and while on a recent trip to Disney World, Florida, he debuted a bold buzz cut as his new look. Needless to say, the Beliebers were shocked when they saw the snaps of Justin's new do, and took to Twitter to express their feelings on the matter.

One person wrote: "As fellow shaved-headed Canadian, it'll be the best choice he ever made. It also makes him look younger," while another added: "He looks like a little kid! I still think it’s better than the long hair! At least in this picture it looks like he’s taken a bath. Long haired Bieber looked like he was homeless, and smelled of patchouli mixed bad decisions ... I’m just sayin’! [sic]"

One Bieber fan even cautioned others to stay calm, tweeting: "He looks great and it will grow back. I never understood people losing their minds over hairstyles. It's hair, it grows wild on our ass, cultivating it on our heads doesn't change that it's hair. [sic]"

Personally, I think Justin's hair looks great. I guess sometimes people just need a change, right?