Fans are freaking out over this new photo of Zac Efron looking even hotter than he ever has before

Fans are freaking out over this new photo of Zac Efron looking even hotter than he ever has before

Aside from a few of his upcoming roles in television, Zac Efron has always been a heartthrob, whether it was for the tweens obsessing over his floppy fringe in the High School Music movies, or the countless people turning out to his later comedies.

There was a definite transformation at one point, when he went from the skinny teen dreamboat to a full-blown muscle-bound hunk. His film output changed too, as he put in a few more dramatic roles and starred in a few indie projects - as well as the bigger budget comedy fare.

When it came time for him to get ready for the Baywatch movie back in 2017, he got serious about his workout schedule. Likely pushed even further by the fact that he had to compete against the ludicrously muscular Dwayne Johnson, he sculpted his body into something incredible.

Last year, Efron spoke to Men's Fitness about the intense training routine and strict diet he took on the road to being the man we saw in Baywatch. It wasn't exactly his first rodeo, but he definitely stepped it up this time to be in optimal condition. He explained:

"The more you learn, the more your workouts evolve and change. A couple of years ago I was trained by a military guy. I trained strictly to put on size with some Navy Seals and heavy powerlifting moves and I started to notice I was getting more injuries.

"I've slowly changed my workouts to include a lot more plyometrics and isometrics. I stretch nearly as much as I workout these days. Cardio is good too. I do a lot of cardio."

After he put the work in, it definitely seemed to pay off in the end. After all was said and done, even Efron himself had to concede he was looking pretty damn good.

Since Baywatch came out, we've seen Efron in The Greatest Showman and a brief cameo in The Disaster Artist - but it looks like he may have made yet another transition into a new realm of sexy.

Last year, we saw him try out the 'tache, which got a mixed response from his fans online. But at the end of the day, how many people were looking at his face in some of these photos?

More recently, he's jumped on the beard bandwagon, which is definitely a look far from how we first saw him dancing and singing about love and basketball (I think that was what High School Musical was about).

But it was a photo uploaded this week that had his fans a little obsessed. Taking things to a far more manly level, the beefcake posted this elegant shot of him riding a horse.

The beard is thicker, the Baywatch bod is intact, and he's looking off into the distance with determination like he's waiting for someone to create an oil painting depicting the moment. What more could you want?