Fans cannot get over Serena Williams' rock-hard abs in bikini vacation snaps

Fans cannot get over Serena Williams' rock-hard abs in bikini vacation snaps

Over the weekend, tennis legend Serena Williams reminded us why the world is in awe of the 38-year-old athlete after she was gracious enough to give us a glimpse of her rock-hard abs.

Indeed, the mother-of-one posted a boomerang in which she stunned in a blue bikini while dancing on a yacht with her sister, Venus.

She captioned the epic post: “Yacht got time?”

Check it out here:

And, of course, her followers took to the comments to praise their idol for her toned tum.

"I need to borrow your six-pack. Thanks," wrote one user while another simply added, "beautiful."

"Amazing you seem to be in the best shape of your life keep going," wrote a third.

Serena often speaks about the healthy and nutritious dishes she enjoys making at home. “Everyone loves my roasted chicken with garlic; for a minute, it was my turkey tacos. Now it’s vegan sushi. I just love to cook!” she told Bon Appetit.

Last month Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian celebrated their two-year anniversary:

And naturally, Serena certainly doesn't neglect those all-important workout sessions. “I ran, and then I biked. Then I did elliptical. That didn’t work out so well, because it was boring, so I tried yoga. Now I run for 10 minutes, and then I dance,” she told Fitness Magazine.

But in spite of how accomplished the 38-year-old is, she has been very candid about the body image insecurities she's had over the course of her career.

“There was a time when I didn’t feel incredibly comfortable about my body because I felt like I was too strong, then I had to take a second and think, ‘well, who says I’m too strong?’” she said in a special for ESPN, The Undefeated In-Depth: Serena With Common.

Fortunately, Serena, the winner of a whopping 23 Grand Slam singles titles, has come to embrace her body.

"This body has enabled me to be the greatest player that I can be," she added.