Fans have spotted a 'major Photoshop fail' in Kourtney Kardashian's racy Instagram snap

Fans have spotted a 'major Photoshop fail' in Kourtney Kardashian's racy Instagram snap

Kourtney Kardashian has recently been teasing the launch of her new website, Poosh, through a variety of Instagram posts that have teased a new line of... something. These reality star siblings sure know how to launch profitable businesses off the back of their names alone, but no one quite knows what this one is actually about yet.

Earlier this month she first teased the launch by posting a photo of her sitting on a bathroom countertop drinking tea, surrounded by various bathroom products and linen. "C O M I N G. S O O N" the caption read, while a new Instagram account - @poosh - was tagged in the post.

Later, a collage of photos on that Instagram account declared that Poosh "isn't a monologue. It's a dialogue"... Whatever that means.

Later on, we got a few more clarifications after a source passed on a few more details to Radar Online, reportedly saying:

"Kourtney’s line is going to cover everything, basically. Everything that you see in that photo, aside from Kourtney and the Apple laptop, is part of her line. She is launching Poosh as a beauty brand, but also a lifestyle brand. Ultimately, she kind of wants to be like her own Amazon. And with Kris Jenner's support, she very well might achieve this goal."

It sounds like it's a big project to take on, and so Kourtney is going all out on the viral marketing before there's any official announcement of what she's doing with it. Recently, she posted a photo of herself soaking in a bubble bath, but the apparent photoshop job on her body has been particularly distracting to many of her followers.

Her leg looks extra small, extra long, and positioned in the most awkward way possible.

"Love yourself as deeply as you love them," she writes in the caption.

While there were many of the usual positive comments from Kourtney's fans, others were quick to point out how terrible the editing job was. "The longer you look at this photo the more obviously f***ed up the editing is," user uhhhshannonnn wrote. "Yikes."

Yikes indeed.

As far as the name of this new site she's going for, many were confused why 'Poosh' was the one to go for - at least until Kourtney posted another snap of herself, this time with her daughter Penelope. "Name: Penelope, Nickname: Poosh," the caption read.

However, it may also have something to do with a supposed trick of the game.

According to a profile of Gwyneth Paltrow in the New York Times last year, she came up with the name of her natural health company by following a particular trend. According to Paltrow, the name GOOP was chosen after she was told, "all the successful internet companies had double O's."