Fans think Taylor Swift has just reignited the Kanye West feud with this one Instagram 'like'

Fans think Taylor Swift has just reignited the Kanye West feud with this one Instagram 'like'

September 13, 2009 remains one of the most monumental days from that calendar year.

The venue is the Radio City Music Hall in New York, the occasion: the VMAs. Taylor Swift takes to the stage to collect her Best Female Video award for the song You Belong With Me. Taylor begins her speech, and while it seems that everyone's happy for her, one person does not agree with her win.

It was the one memorable moment of that year's VMA Awards, it spawned a thousand memes, and Kanye West's now infamous interruption of Taylor appeared to be the trigger behind a beef that spanned many years, finally coming to a head when Kanye released the music video for Famous, from his 2016 album The Life Of Pablo.

That music video, and one particular line from the song, started a feud between Swift and West (with Kim Kardashian acting as a less-than-impartial referee) that only seemed to die down in recent times. But could Taylor Swift's social media activity indicate that she's not quite over the whole Taylor Swift/Kanye West beef?

Fans seemed to think so, but before we pass judgement too quickly, let's take a look at the evidence, shall we? Since the aforementioned video for Famous came out, Taylor Swift has publicly stayed silent on the issue, but her fans have been extremely vocal in blasting Kanye for effectively posting what's been perceived by some as revenge porn in a video that's generated over 36 million views.

Since then, both sides appeared to move on, but take a look at this Twitter thread from @cleanupcrw, the original tweet simply saying: Unpopular Opinion: Kanye Edition. It was a pro-Kanye thread, talking up the merits of the musician's music, such as this reply from @valeriegauvain:

"How tf is this an unpopular opinion. He’s the greatest producer and artist of all time. Everyone had to actually admit this if they don’t want to."

Okay, so there's the scene for you: it's a bit of a thread championing the merits of Kanye West, but there was one Swifty out there eager to crash the party, with this tweet from @sagittariusnake cutting in to reiterate how Taylor Swift fans feel about Kanye.

"The famous music video was straight up revenge porn. not to mention putting abuse victims next to their abusers and celebrating sexual assaulters. it was disgusting and he doesn’t get enough crap for it."

That, seemingly, was all it took. Before long, that tweet was screenshotted and posted to Instagram by the user @sparkstfly, who added: "It’s so weird to see how Kanye got away with putting realistic depictions of naked celebrities in his video."

Her post managed to rack up nearly 3,000 likes, but guess who's one of those likes?

Taylor Swift Instagram post like Credit: Instagram

That's right - has Taylor started this whole beef up again, or was it a simple slip of the finger? We'll never know (Taylor has since 'Swiftly' unliked the post), but that didn't stop people from going ballistic.

"OH MY GOD TAYLOR REALLY DID LIKE THIS I CAME HERE TO CHECK," squealed @http.maris, while @sparkstfly herself said: "Guys I’m shaking Taylor really did snap with this her mind I love her so much I love her omg."

But the question we're all asking - is the beef back on? - is yet to be answered.