Farrah Abraham gets artificial butt injection on Instagram which lasts five years

Farrah Abraham gets artificial butt injection on Instagram which lasts five years

It has been a whole decade since Farrah Abraham rose to fame after being cast in the reality TV show, 16 and Pregnant, back in 2009.

Having recognized her talent for entertaining audiences with her drama-fuelled life, producers then cast her in a spinoff, Teen Mom - a show which centered around the pregnancies and resulting motherhood of various young women.

Some years later - in 2013, to be exact - the reality star appeared in a very high-profile sex tape with porn star James Deen, later claiming she had never intended for the video to go public.

"I have to emphasize that I didn't intentionally decide to work in the adult industry," she said in a 2018 interview. "At that time, I was a young experimental 21-year-old woman who happened to be a celebrity that tried to balance life, fame, and dating while forging new friendships."

Soon after it did go public, however, Abraham signed a reported $1 million deal with adult-film producer Vivid Entertainment which distributed the x-rated footage.

It goes without saying that the now-28-year-old has absolutely no qualms about sharing very intimate moments of her life with the public.

And speaking of sharing intimate moments of her life, yesterday, she took to Instagram to post footage of an artificial butt injection procedure that is supposed to last five years.

Farrah Abraham gets an artificial butt injection on Instagram which lasts five years:

The former Teen Mom star went to a Heather Rohrer, a cosmetic injector in Las Vegas and filmed her latest top-up.

In the video, Abraham, who is wearing a lacy neon green one-piece thong bathing suit, says: "Doctor Heather here has a trick that is better than any booty injection that I've had."

The injection, known as Renuva, gives you "a nice, tight round" butt that enhances, "what you already had" according to Dr. Heather.

The doctor explains that the injection, "makes the body make its own fat and actually creates some blood vessels as well."

"These Renuva injections, it's over five years, so we're considering this to be a permanent injection," Doctor Heather continues.

In any case, this certainly isn't the first time Abraham has filmed one of her procedures. In fact, she came under fire just last year when it emerged that she had allowed her then-nine-year-old daughter to watch as she received her latest round of injections.

Her daughter, Sophia Laurent Abraham, doesn't appear to have been present this time around though.