Frankie Muniz claims that he can't remember being in Malcolm in the Middle

Frankie Muniz claims that he can't remember being in Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle was one of the most beloved sitcoms of the 2000s, and after Bryan Cranston managed to achieve international fame for his performance in Breaking Bad, a huge number of people have gone back and rewatched this genius family comedy in order to appreciate him playing the bumbling dad Hal.

However, while the rest of the cast went on to do other things in the wake of the finale, Frankie Muniz, who played the eponymous Malcolm, seemed to quietly slip out of the limelight. Instead of acting he suddenly appeared to take up racecar driving - something which left his many fans somewhat confused.

The truth is that Frankie Muniz, formerly considered to be one of Hollywood's most bankable teens, has sustained serious brain damage as a result of a motorcycle accident he was involved in several years ago. In 2012 h  was hospitalized after having a transient ischemic attack, (or a 'mini-stroke') and in 2017, he revealed that he has suffered significant memory loss as a result. 

In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, the actor stated that he now finds it difficult to remember anything from filming the sitcom. Muniz stated: "It makes me a little sad. Things pop back into my mind I should have remembered … Truth is, I don’t remember much [of Malcom In The Middle] almost feels like it wasn’t me. I was on my motorcycle and I lost all peripheral vision. [When I got home] the TV was on and I was in a lot of pain - I remember hearing words but not understanding them."

"First, I lose my peripheral vision and I can see people but I can’t recognise them. I can see words but I can’t tell what they say. Then I start going numb. It’s a gross feeling, but I know now when it’s going to come. I usually go lay down and wait. I’ve gone to so many neurologists who’ve done every single test. I have no answers as to why it happens. I got so tired of trying to find an answer that I don’t think I’ll search for an answer anymore. I’ve accepted it."

However, Muniz did state: "Everything I’ve done up until this point is exactly what I’ve wanted to do and I’m happy. Even doing Dancing With The Stars. It’s perfect and I love it!" He added that he is also helped a great deal by the support of his fans, and his fiancé.

He still races avidly, makes occasional acting appearances, and was even the drummer in the band Kingsfoil for a spell. It's a shame that his accident has had an effect on his powers of recall, but it doesn't seem to be holding him back from doing what he wants and pursuing his interest. Hats off to you Frankie; you really are an inspiration to us all.