Freddy from 'School of Rock' is all grown up now and he's an actual rock star

Freddy from 'School of Rock' is all grown up now and he's an actual rock star

It's got to have been at least a decade or so since I last watched School of Rock, and yet I'm fairly sure I could still quote the whole movie from start to finish. And that's no exaggeration - I loved that film.

I've pledged allegiance to the band of Mr. Schneebly (actually, it's pronounced shnay-blay), claimed to have a disease called "Stick-it-to-da-man-noisis", and I'm certain I've rolled out the classic, "You're tacky and I hate you" insult at least once in my life.

But, despite my childhood obsession with the Jack Black hit, I don't think I've ever revisited it for nostalgia's sake.

So, when I saw a picture of the now-grown-up Freddy, I was a little taken aback.

Fans of the flick will remember Freddy as the rebellious, sleeves-rolled-up, hair-spiked-back, doesn't-take-any-nonsense-from-substitute-teachers kid who originally took a dislike to Jack Black's character. Over the course of the movie, he transforms into a pupil with real drive and discipline, and uses his drumming skills to take the School of Rock band (almost) all the way to the top.

He was also probably one of the better actors in the film, which is surprising considering it was the first and last movie he ever starred in.

In fact, after shooting School of Rock, the actor who played Freddy - Kevin Alexander Clark - abandoned his dreams of becoming a film star and instead turned his focus solely to drumming.

And this is what he looks like now:

Now 29-years-old, Clark looks rather different to how he did as the baby-faced 14-year-old he was at the time the film was shot. Gone are his hedgehog hairdo and bad boy scowl - but he's still got the same cheeky grin.

Speaking about his experience on School of Rock and how the majority of his castmates continued in the film industry, Clark said, "Most of the kids left acting for other jobs," before adding, "no one expected me to still be playing, living in Highwood, and striving to be a rock star."

He's now the drummer of a band called Robbie Gold, and is based in Chicago.

However, he didn't completely leave his School of Rock persona behind, as he still keeps in touch with his former castmates - especially Rebecca Brown, who played Katie, the cellist/bass guitarist.

He also made the special effort to attend the opening night part of the School of Rock Broadway production, which is currently playing in the UK, USA, and Australia, and posed for photos with the on-stage version of his character.

So, while some of us might be a little sad not to see Clark continue on as an actor, it's great to know that he is putting his insane drumming skills to good use.

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