French Montana accused of staring at Allison Brie's chest as they present VMA

French Montana accused of staring at Allison Brie's chest as they present VMA

Last night's 2019 MTV Video Music Awards delivered on every level imaginable.

There were incredible performances from the likes of Taylor Swift and Missy Elliot, Miley Cyrus appeared to have a new tattoo signaling her breakup from Liam Hemsworth, and John Travolta made yet another award show faux pas when he mistook drag queen Jade Jolie for the actual award winner Taylor Swift.

Check out that hilarious moment below. It's actually painful to watch:

But, as always, amongst the awards, performances, and memes, there were some stunning outfits being paraded on the red carpet and on stage.

One of the best dressed of the night was actress Alison Brie. The 36-year-old Mad Men star was absolutely feeling herself and slaying it, as she opted to turn up the heat this summer and showcase her legs and chest in a stunning LBD.

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But while it is undeniable that the GLOW star looked sensational in her black low-cut cocktail dress, several viewers blasted French Montana for openly staring at her chest when the pair took to the stage to present an award.

Take a look for yourselves - do Montana's eyes go wandering?

As the duo stood on stage to present the award for Best Latin Video, the Wiggle It rapper's eyes appeared to linger on Brie's chest for enough time for viewers to call him out on it:

However, several other Twitter users accused the star of being intoxicated while presenting the award:

However, it was Montana's speech that gained the most attention, as the rapper took the chance to use his platform to comment on immigration, saying: "As an immigrant, I feel like we are the people that make this country, and I feel like I want to be the voice."

Although, Montana did seem to stumble over his words as he gave his pro-immigrant speech, but managed to compose himself and stay on track.

Brie also let her feelings be known, saying: "What's happening to immigrants in this country is unconstitutional and frankly disgusting."