'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner has been secretly reviewing sausages on Instagram

'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner has been secretly reviewing sausages on Instagram

Although a lot of people these days dream of being famous, I don't know if I'd want to be a celebrity in the age of social media. Just by stepping out of your home, as a celebrity, you're constantly mobbed by fans wanting a selfie or a choice quote, and when you so much as send out a tweet, you can expect thousands of trolls to bombard your account with abuse.

It seems awful. With the heavy tide of social media being almost too much to bear, it's not a surprise that celebrities have been known to create secret accounts where they can relax, be themselves, and live life online (if only for a little while) as regular people.

The most notable example of that is the New Zealand singer Lorde, who was unmasked as the creator behind an Instagram account which exclusively dealt in reviews of onion rings, before the newfound fame saw her close her account. But weirdly enough, another celebrity has a secret food Instagram account, and this one's just as odd.

Late last year, the curtain closed on the seventh season of the HBO fantasy epic Game of Thrones, and amidst all the twists, turns and reveals, many people (myself included) were devastated to learn that we won't see the final season of Game of Thrones until sometime in 2019.

People took the news in different ways.

Some threw their voice to the heavens in despair. Others sunk their teeth into other shows like Westworld, Atlanta or the Handmaid's Tale; mere palate cleansers in anticipation for the main event 12 months from now. But one of the lead actresses on the show has used in a time in a more productive - some would say meatier - manner.

Sophie Turner - known better to Game of Thrones fans as Sansa Stark - has been thrust into the public consciousness thanks to her star turn on the show, and not only has she made her name there, she's set to star in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which comes out in February 2019.

She also owns an Instagram account where she rates sausages. Everyone's got to have a hobby, right? With the tagline for the account being simply "Passionate Bout The Saus", @sophiessausagereviews fills the sausage-shaped hole in our lives with great aplomb.

Sharing the account with her usual Instagram account, it's since garnered around 40,000 followers, but unfortunately, the last post was made back in April? Is this a case of Sophie Turner's fame bleeding into her personal hobbies, similar to Lorde? Or, is it more the fact that Turner is so busy with other projects, she no longer has time to review sausages?

It reminds to be seen. But while we wait around for the final season of Game of Thrones, with stories leaking about the content of those final scripts, it's refreshing to know that for some of the actors from this iconic show, life will go on. For Sophie Turner, her respite appears to be sausages. Good on her, I guess.