Gigi Hadid claps back at trolls who say she's only successful because of her parents

Gigi Hadid claps back at trolls who say she's only successful because of her parents

Sisters, Bella and Gigi Hadid have taken the modelling world by storm of late. Not only have the two most definitely won the genetic lottery, but they're also making waves in the A-lister unit too. Yes, the pair can often be spotted hanging out with the so-called "cool cats", including Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber and, of course, the now disbanded members of One Direction.

However, this doesn't leave them immune to internet trolls. Certainly, Gigi Hadid would like all of the people who say that she doesn't deserve her success to kindly get a reality check.

While speaking at an event on Friday, Gigi addressed critics who think that she only got to where she is today because of her privileged upbringing.

Her father, Mohamed Hadid is a successful real estate developer, and her mother, Yolanda Hadid, is a former model, and used to star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"People say that I don't deserve to be where I am because I come from this successful family, but my parents were fucking hard-working...My dad was a refugee, my mum was on a farm, went to New York and worked to send money back to her family. They worked their asses off and they've given me a life because of their hard work, and I work hard to honor that," the 23-year-old reportedly said.

As well as pointing out her own work ethic, Gigi mentioned that she knows the kind of people who only got to where they are because of nepotism, and she doesn't think very highly of them. "I've worked with them, they suck," she said.


In related news, Gigi recently opened up about her struggles with body confidence while serving on a panel alongside Kendall Jenner and plus-size models, Ashley Graham and Paloma Elsesser at the Vogue Forces of Fashion event.

"I loved my body when I was curvier," she said. "Then, as I lost [the weight], people were still mean."

"Yeah, I know I'm skinny. I'm looking in the mirror. I'm trying to eat burgers and do squats. I want an a**, too," she continued. "I get it. I got it. Thank you!"

This is not the first time that the model has spoken about her journey with body positivity, and all the changes that her physique has undergone in recent years.

Back in April, after Hadid was repeatedly shamed on social media for being "too skinny", she clapped back, revealing that she had recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease which requires her to eat healthier and work out more.

"When I started at 17 I was not yet diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease; those of you who called me 'too big for the industry' were seeing inflammation and water retention due to that," the wrote on Twitter. "Over the last few years I’ve been properly medicated to help symptoms ... I have always eaten the same, my body just handles it differently now that my health is better."

"I will not further explain the way my body looks, just as anyone, with a body type that doesn't suit ur “beauty” expectation, shouldn't have to. Not to judge others, but drugs are not my thing, stop putting me in that box just because u don't understand the way my body has matured," she continued.