Gordon Ramsay added a savage extra grade to his daughter's GCSE exam results

Gordon Ramsay added a savage extra grade to his daughter's GCSE exam results

All over the UK today, young students are opening letters in nervous anticipation, as they find out their GCSE results. It's a rite of passage for every 16-year-old Brit in school, and no matter what you end up doing later in life, you end up looking back at your GCSE results as the first proper achievement in your young life.

Whether you get straight As across the board or you've got a smattering of Cs and Ds, one thing you'll always be able to fall back on is the support of your parents. They'll be able to give you the praise or support you deserve... but what about if your dad is Gordon Ramsay?

This is not just a mere hypothetical, folks. Gordon Ramsay's 16-year-old daughter Tilly Ramsay has taken her GCSEs this past summer, and this is the week she found out the extent to which those hours of studying, stressing and cramming have actually paid off. But what did Ramsay Senior think of all this?

Listen. I know that, to an extent, Gordon Ramsay plays up his crazy, belligerent chef persona for the cameras and various types of social media, and once you get to know him, he's actually a lot less likely to scream at you. Some would say... he's actually nice. So while he was undoubtedly proud of his daughter, by taking to Instagram to do so, you knew that there was some savagery about to go down.

Here's Matilda "Tilly" Ramsay and her GCSE results, and overall, she's done quite well. "Congrats to this little star," says Ramsay, and as you can see, she got four A*s, three As and two Bs. But proud papa Ramsay saw fit to add an extra grade for her cooking skills - a D. Ouch. Still, at least she passed, right?

Now, obviously that's a joke, I'm sure Tilly's cooking skills are up to scratch - not only does she have one of TV's hardest chefs as a father, but she's also got her own children's show. Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch features the teenager on her summer holidays, cooking a ton of British and American dishes, so I'd imagine she's not bad.

Either way, I'm sure that behind closed doors, Gordon Ramsay is actually secretly super proud of his daughter, if the response to his other children's results are anything to go by. Of course, A-Level results came out last week, and it was a successful one in the Ramsay family, as Gordon Ramsay took to Instagram once more.

Well, there you go folks. Gordon Ramsay is a lot of things, including Michelin-starred chef, celebrity extraordinaire and pioneer of the phrase "idiot sandwich", but most of all, he's a very, very proud father. Don't let his savage grading of his daughter's GCSEs distract you from that fact. Congratulations to Tilly, Gordon and the rest of the Ramsay family!