Hailey Baldwin's father reveals his reaction to Justin Bieber engagement news in now-deleted tweet

Hailey Baldwin's father reveals his reaction to Justin Bieber engagement news in now-deleted tweet

It feels like 2018 will be known forever as the year of weddings and engagements. Seriously, it seems like everyone who's anyone is swapping rings, exchanging vows and trying on the white gown and veil. Maybe it was the glitzy and glamorous wedding of the dashing Prince Harry to former Suits actress Meghan Markle which tipped over the dominos and convinced many other celebrities to do the same. But since that cute couple tied the knot, others have apparently followed suit (pun unintended).

First of all was Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, who took their fans completely by surprise by announcing their engagement on social media after only dating for a couple of weeks. Not only that, but Ariana had just managed to extricate herself from a relationship with rapper Mac Miller - which led many people to believe that she was acting too hastily in planning her nuptials.

However, it seems as though history has repeated itself. How? Well, just yesterday sources close to Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber spilled the beans, stating that the young musician is now engaged to marry his girlfriend: model Hailey Baldwin. Much like Ariana and Pete, the couple has only been dating for a few weeks, since Bieber split from Disney alumni Selena Gomez for the millionth time earlier this year.

However, in spite of the rushed engagement, many people are over the moon about it. Indeed, Hailey's dad Stephen Baldwin was so enthusiastic about the happy announcement that he decided to hit up Twitter to update his followers about it. He then took the liberty of deleting the candid message; but not before other social media users took the opportunity to archive it for posterity.

And how has Justin's ex Selena taken the news of his sudden (some would say over-eager) engagement to another woman? Well, if her social media accounts are to be believed, pretty damn well actually. Ironically the singer was on a yacht in New York City named Justine when she heard the news and was photographed lounging in a bikini alongside a friend.

Furthermore, a source close to Selena has told the press that: "Selena doesn’t care. She’s over Justin and the last time they broke up allowed her to get over him fully ... Anytime he has done this in the past, Selena doesn’t even see stories about him in the media. Her team makes sure she is protected from it, so it’s a waste of time on Justin’s end if that’s his goal. No one in her circle speaks about him when they are on the outs and she keeps her circle and team very small."

So is this just Justin's way of getting back at his old girlfriend? Is the whole relationship some kind of publicity stunt? Or are Bieber's feelings for Baldwin actually completely genuine, and his proposal a sincere one? Only time will tell.