Halsey appears to savagely fire back at Machine Gun Kelly's claims about them hooking up

Halsey appears to savagely fire back at Machine Gun Kelly's claims about them hooking up

We all love a celebrity feud, don't we?

Whether it's one of the Kardashian sisters and some other A-lister knocking lumps out of each other on social media, or Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant going head to head in the NBA, we live for a bit of drama, a bit of tension, a slice of intrigue, if you will.

If it's a fact that we love a feud, it is also a fact that hip-hop feuds are the best of the lot. Maybe it's due to the lyrical skill of those involved, or maybe it's the no-backing-down savagery of it all, but hip-hop tends to take things to a whole new level where feuds are concerned.

We've recently been treated to the re-igniting of Drake's beef with Pusha T, which culminated in some wild accusations and revelations being thrown around, not least of which was the allegation that Drake has a son, by a former adult film star no less.

However, the last few weeks have been dominated not by Drake and Pusha but by Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly.

It all appears to trace back to an ill-advised MGK tweet from years ago, in which he pronounced Em's daughter Hailie "hot as f*ck".

Now, anyone who has followed Slim Shady's career will know that saying Hailie's name in any negative context is, to put it mildly, a huge, huge mistake. Anyway, after Em appeared to throw barbs at MGK on a track from his new album Kamikaze, the latter released the diss track Rap Devil, aimed at Eminem.

Two weeks later, Eminem fired back with Killshot, a brutal response that lead many fans to pronounce MGK's career finished.

Though some had a problem with Eminem's naming of other celebrities (see: Iggy Azalea, Diddy, Rihanna and Halsey, to name a few), most seemed to think that the legendary Detroit-born rapper had finished the feud for good.

Halsey's name, in particular, seems to crop up often in diss tracks aimed at Machine Gun Kelly, with G-Eazy apparently name-dropping the singer in a track of his own aimed at MGK.

Anyway, after a recent interview in which MKG was asked if he had slept with Halsey - to which he replied "absolutely" - it seems that she has finally - understandably - had enough.

Taking to Twitter in what most have taken as a response to this, the singer wrote "how *absolutely* pathetic."

Frankly, I'm not surprised is a little cheesed off with the way things have been going of late, after all, she needn't have had anything to do with the Em and MGK beef, and her name has been dragged into it needlessly. Though it seems we're living in a world where nothing is truly private anymore, there was no need for MGK to confirm rumours that the pair slept together, and Halsey is more than entitled to share her thoughts on him doing so. The beef rolls on.